Eternal Black – Slow Burn Suicide

In order to stand out in an oversaturated scene, it wouldn’t be too much to expect any band that’s trying to stand out to do something different that shakes up the formula such that more people will see them apart from the hundreds upon hundreds of other acts. Yet, somehow, the world of doom has found a niche where it seems that the perpetual repetition of classic metal inspired riffage along with a “never say die” attitude never loses its value. It’s a trend that continues to bewilder me, and it’s from bands like Eternal Black that we can always rely on a constant stream of such excellence.

I’ll be honest with you, I figured this album was going to be more of a throwback album given its classy cover art that makes me think of the 80s for some odd reason (don’t ask me why I’ve no idea), but what I was greeted with was a tour de force of doom that feels equal parts the modern crunch-fest packed with riffs right to left and homage to the classic spirit of proto-doom that all comes together immensely well. With power as well as the knowledge for an impactful hold, there are very few parts of the mild devastation that is “Slow Burn Suicide” that doesn’t check off all the boxes for a good record of the style that doesn’t come off as though Eternal Black have been doing that for decades as they sound like absolute masters of the craft. But, no! Having not even been around for ten years, “Slow Burn Suicide” is only Eternal Black’s sophomore full-length album that feels like a grand step for a band whose potential is not under the surface but, instead, shining bright for all the world to marvel at as this band knows exactly which turns to take, which punches to follow up, which riffs to throw down, when to pull back for masterful effect, and how to deliver in each track that makes this album feel like far more than some mere collection of songs. Instead, you can feel the intention that Eternal Black pours into each track throughout this album with each track complimenting the last whilst beautifully setting up the next.

I could sit here and say there aren’t many acts like Eternal Black where we get this combination of excellence coupled with devilish quality, but I’d be spitting in your faces, frankly. There are loads of bands like this such that it’s impossible to keep up with them all, and yet, Eternal Black manages to stand out ever so slightly with their sound that’s intoxicating, dynamic, and brings together everything we’ve come to love about the style with greatness to match. With the many bands that have a bright future ahead of them given their work, it’s with “Slow Burn Suicide” that we can easily consider Eternal Black as one of those bands.

LISTEN to “Slow Burn Suicide” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Eternal Black on Facebook here.

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