Inert – Vermin

There are some things that somehow never seem to get old no matter how many times you’ve heard it and no matter how many different takes of it you’ve seen done. Easily, death metal is one of them for me and clearly many others as the sheer love for the style is all but obvious and immensely strong in the current climate of metal as countless bands still bring forth their own takes on the style day after day. Busting forth with their first full-length album, Inert shows us what they’re made of and it’s far from anything to scoff at.

A very common trend that we could all point out with our eyes closed is the sheer presence of old school death metal in the current scene where the sound is being kept very much alive and well by bands who’ve grown up with that sound seeking to do it justice. Inert does nothing short of wonder for the style, but mixing it with a solid Swedish death flavor, they’ve created one hell of a concoction that allows “Vermin” to become a punishing record that’s as unforgiving as it is entrancing. Relying on an infallible formula of speed and ferocity, every track of “Vermin” is absolutely seething with raw power backed by magnificent riffage that accounts for a good portion of this album while still allowing for much more to take place. What we’re granted for the entirety of this record is the straight up nasty tones and attitude of that old school style that many have tried and failed to replicate but it’s mixed with the intoxicating venom of Swedish riffage to make for an experience that allows “Vermin” to really squirm its way into your brain, and it’s so potent that I really wasn’t expecting to hear it much less in such high quality when I first dove into this record. Inert, like many other bands, was an act that I never knew existed before hearing it, and now I don’t think I’ll be able to let a release go under my radar anymore as it’s clear within every song on this record that Inert has talent like few others and it’s backed by not only the capacity to translate it into reality but also make it a damn good time to listen to as they devastate all in their way one spin after the other.

Small surprises like these that get me to raise my eyebrows in intrigue are what keep me constantly coming back to the underground of death metal as the scene is teeming with such talent, but you really gotta look for it. Inert is definitely a prime example of that, and it’s with this album that they’ve immediately proven their salt to such a degree that I can’t help but feel that everything that will follow “Vermin” will be material that simply must be heard.

“Vermin” releases on June 28th via Neckbreaker Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Vermin” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Inert on Facebook here.

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