Eighth Tower Records – Drone Islands – Land Raising

There’s a specific art where the very line between music and sound is constantly blurred or just flat out doesn’t exist depending on who you ask. It’s a realm that’s downright unnerving and territory that’s somehow darker than it’s contemporary: dark ambient. Drone has taken on a life of its own over the years, and never before have we seen the scene thrive like it does today. Just to give us an idea as to what the style has to offer, Eighth Tower Records has returned with another exemplary compilation that this time turns its eye on drone to give us twelve haunting samples from all over.

It’s very easy to listen to drone as it just plays at an astonishing sluggish pace but never once does it lack an ounce of overwhelming power that can be easily coupled with an unnerving sensation that knows how to cut to the very core of the soul in an instant. Incredibly few other styles can come even close to creating such a menacing tone that could be the very soundtrack to a long-dead planet as each artist brings unique flavors to the mix, but they’re flavors that are far from making the material bright and colorful. I’ve always wanted to get more into the style but could never find a solid starting point, and, yet again somehow, Eighth Tower Records has really saved my ass here as “Drone Islands – Land Raising” brings forth an eclectic twelve acts that bring nothing but glorious desolation to the realm of drone. From names that are unknown to me to those that I’ve heard before, “Drone Islands” has something for every drone connoisseur and newbie as they all provide something to sink our teeth into. Each sample is perpetually terrifying and not at all music to listen to in the dark as you can really feel the ghouls that this compilation conjures up sneaking up behind you as they seek the essence of your very life to deliver an experience that resonates deep in the body and makes our survival instincts flare wildly. It’s only in the dark world of drone that such feels could be brought forth consistently at every turn, and I couldn’t ask for a better collection of noteworthy acts if I wanted. I’m saving them for a rainy day, but there’s no way I’ll be able to keep myself from diving into the darkness that all twelve of these acts weave on their own in their own little pocket dimensions.

Eighth Tower Records has provided me with fantastic glimpses into the world of dark ambient in the past before in exquisite detail, and now it’s through horrifying visage that they’ve turned my eyes to twelve acts to make for a compilation that could only be described as chilling. Whether or not that’s what these artists are aiming for, it was achieved instantaneously in immaculate quality to make “Drone Islands” a flavorful set that every fan that’s new or old to drone should investigate at least once to get a good helping of what this intimidating style has to offer.

LISTEN to “Drone Islands – Land Raising” on Bandcamp here.

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