Shenanigans – Muta In Potenza

 Sometimes, it feels as though every other thrash act that I come into contact with hails from Greece and thus, the country has become notorious in my mind for having top-notch thrash to always through around. But, obviously, it’s not just limited to Greece as just a hop and a skip across some water to the west of that country lies Italy whose black metal scene is one that more often captures my attention, but it’s a small representative of their thrash scene that has grabbed my attention tonight, and it’s Shenanigans that delivered wondrously.

To say that I was expecting something different from this small band would be an outright lie, and I was correct in thinking like that, yet, Shenanigans managed to satisfy my ever subtle need for thrash in exemplary fashion with plenty of energy and attitude to satiate my desire for just that. If you listen to enough thrash albums, it becomes quite easy to predict as there’s not much more going on than being fast, loud, and causing destruction of some sort. It’s an easy enough formula that’s been done tens of thousands of times, but sometimes there are some bands that just make it work better than others somehow, and Shenanigans is easily one of them with their first full-length, “Muta In Potenza”. By throwing in a little bit of hardcore to bring in that extra level of chaos and madness, Shenanigans ensures that there isn’t a single piece of these eight, fierce tracks that aren’t overflowing with an energy similar to that of crossover thrash where everything is set to a fucking eleven at all times. I’ve seen the likes of “Muta In Potenza” many times over the years, but it’s Shenanigans that did something to make it an absolute treat, and I simply can’t put my finger on what it is and it’s driving me insane. Is it the fact that I’ve no hope of understanding the words because they’re in Italian (which is still awesome)? Is it how it has that garage sound of a new band with a fire in their bellies? Or is it simply a sign that I need more thrash in my life? All great questions, and “Muta In Potenza” makes me want to know the answers more every fucking time I hear it!

Thrash has always been tricky for me, but there are always a few select acts that have been able to woo me almost instantly as their work really gets me going and wanting more fucking thrash to really sink my teeth into, and Shenanigans is clearly another name added to that list. It’s with “Muta In Potenza” that this Italian act has made in impression, and it’s with future works that they will only continue to impress, of that I am positive!

LISTEN to “Muta In Potenza” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Shenanigans on Facebook here.

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