Alestorm – No Grave but the Sea

 When I was just getting into metal, there were so little bands that really allowed me to explore the style I was getting into slowly. Disturbed, Mudvayne, Metallica; some basics, you know? But my friend suggested something as a joke: Alestorm. Since that day, I’ve never looked back as I’ve been with these pirates ever since and they’ve always delivered a fucking phenomenal time that helped me shape into the metalhead I am today. Thus, I had extremely high hopes for their fifth effort, “No Grave bu the Sea”. Let’s just say that the booze is still flowing and these guys won’t stop killing and looking for wenches anytime soon!

Many thought that Alestorm’s third album, “Back Through Time”, signaled a decline in the band’s overall quality. Upon their fourth release, “Sunset on the Golden Age”, Alestorm proved the doubters wrong and made me a very happy fan. So now, more than ever, eyes are on these men from Scotland to see if they can still hold up, and holy fucking shit did they deliver with this new piece! Not only does this album show the return of ol’ Captain Morgan on the cover art, but it also shows that Alestorm is back and arguably better than ever! Wenches, mead, fucking your haters with an anchor; all these immense pleasures and more show up on “No Grave but the Sea” to make it a magnificent opus in every single way.

Easily, the best thing about Alestorm is that not only do they take the pirate lifestyle to the fucking grave (exhibit A: when they resigned with their label, the band signed the contract in white rum) but they know how to have fun as bros at the exact same time. So many people think a when a pagan/pirate/whatever band gets to a certain level of popularity they become a party band (see Finsterforst’s last piece for an example), and that applies to a fraction of Alestorm. Sure, “No Grave but the Sea” has got some of the catchiest songs they’ve ever done, but this record still has got brilliant pirate epics that Alestorm is renowned for. This ten track album has got loads of musicianship like no other band in the entire world, and it pays off in every single song. Whether you want to go on an epic journey to Treasure Island, vacate in Mexico, partake in a bloody battle on the high sea against France, or punch an asshole right in the balls, Alestorm has got a track for every one of your pirate related needs of every kind. “No Grave but the Sea” is one of the most stunning, fun, and engaging albums that Alestorm has ever put out, and it’s easily one of the most intriguing records that’ll come out this entire year. Calling it now!

There are so many people who say that you can’t be successful and have fun, yet that is the exact fucking deal with Alestorm. These guys have been the pioneers of pirate metal for a decade now, and they show no signs of slowing down in any sort of way, increasing their legacy and the glorious catalog at the same time. “No Grave but the Sea” is the very epitome of a fan-fucking-fantastic time for a metal record in every way imaginable. And if you disagree with that then read some enlightening lyrics from the greatest anthem off the entire record: “Fuck! You! You’re a fucking wanker”. Simply philosophical.

“No Grave but the Sea” releases on May 26th via Napalm Records!

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