Full of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstasy

 Few bands out in the world have been able to capture the pure essence of chaos, yet have at least some sort of structure to their music. One might think of grind metal more than anything else, but a recent craze shows there’s much more craft to the art, and managed to incorporate death metal mixed with noise at the same time. Full of Hell was never something that I’d consider extremely interesting, but their new album is so much more than I could’ve imagined.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone who saw that stand-out cover art knew that Full of Hell was going all out with “Trumpeting Ecstasy”. There are very few bands out there that can appeal to me that seem to only wanna go fast and be as chaotic as possible. Why? Not really for me, is all, but there’s always a few exceptions. “Trumpeting Ecstasy” is easily one of those exceptions. Wasting zero time, Full of Hell get right to work with tracks not even three minutes long (most of the time, anyway) and make each and every track a slab of scathing hellfire the likes of which so many groups try to deliver, but only a fraction manage to succeed. What’s interesting about Full of Hell to me is how they manage to incorporate a little bit of noise to make “Trumpeting Ecstasy” even more chaotic to the point where it straight up sounds like an audio message of what Hell itself might sound like. Yet, somehow Full of Hell wrapped all of this fury and flame is an excellent piece of metal that’s the culmination of hard work, passion, and the pure desire to fuck shit up wherever possible.

All of that makes for an impeccable record the likes of which is impossible to replicate which truly makes Full of Hell a unique band with a unique style that is to a point where it’s so deliciously destructive that it’s hard to resist.  Never would I have thought I’d get a kick out of a piece as maniacal as this, but “Trumpeting Ecstasy” is easily the greatest piece from this band, and is surely a sign of what magnificence we’ll see in the future.

BUY “Trumpeting Ecstasy” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Trumpeting Ecstasy” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Full of Hell on Facebook here.


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