Show Me a Dinosaur – s/t

a3107570912_10 You know those albums that cover both ends of the spectrum when it comes to what kind of energy (peaceful and brutal as fuck)? They always seem to have a certain level of elegance about them even in the more chaotic times. I’ve never once heard of Show Me a Dinosaur, but I really wish I had before because they have clearly nailed the style of shifting between two polar opposite sounds in such a way that it is simply incomprehensible to think of before listening to this amazingly well crafted album.

Normally when you, or maybe it’s just me, see such a flamboyant cover art you don’t exactly think that you’re about to get yourself into some atmospheric black metal. Atmospheric isn’t much of a stretch, but black metal? Seriously? Yes, seriously. While Show Me a Dinosaur is by no means whatsoever a purely black metal band, they’ve got that occasional edge and spike in intensity that I find just enough to warrant me calling them such a band. Yet despite my initial doubts and having to come back to the album after not really being able to get into at first, I can honestly say this is one of those records that if you want to kick back and just zone out to something super chill but still have something dynamic going on with the occasional jolt, Show Me a Dinosaur has got what you need. It’s far more oriented on the atmospheric side as we’ve established, but in no way does that take away from the beauty that the album creates and upholds while also containing the periodic intensity to add just that sense of tasty variety that when put in such a potent combination can’t be beat. And mix all that then pour them into a fairly lengthy album of seven tracks with a 10-minute finale, Show Me a Dinosaur definitely show their worth on this album, and it came in real abundance.

As I mentioned, I at first didn’t like this album. Why? No fucking clue, mate, not a one, but that don’t matter at this point. Show Me a Dinosaur put on one fucking hell of a performance for this album, and I’m not shitting you when I say this is a mind trip that you will absolutely want to take whenever you just want to forget about your worries and drift among the clouds, for this record will help you do just that.

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