Nil Miserans – s/t

a1189181450_10 It’s probably debuts that are my favorite kinds of albums because it shows what’s going on inside the brains of the involved musician(s) who wrote it who don’t have to worry about repeating themselves or letting down fans because they’re simply only just starting off. There’s nothing that can compare to that. Nil Miserans only further increase my love for debuts are their’s is one such piece that encaptures much that is great about the blackened death style.

My second kind of favorite album is a concept album, which means that before I even listened to a second of the music Nil Miserans was already off on an amazing foot with me initially, and thankfully it panned out for the best. This record is not even thirty fucking minutes long but Nil Miserans manage to make more of an impact in terms of overall sound and the sheer quality of it all  comes together to create this magnificently brilliant menagerie of intensity mixed with masterfully placed intervals of serenity that bring an amazing contrast to the mix. Eight tracks compose the album, and not a single one of them sound the same as they vary from what I mentioned just a moment ago – intensity that you could only find in such a way on a blackened death record, but tranquility that pierces through all the other brutal layers in a wondrously glorious way. Then there’s the concept of the album being Greek mythology themed which, while done many a time before, still shines through to be exceptionally badass for Nil Miserans. All in all though from the harsh vocals to the capturing atmosphere to seething anger you can possibly find, Nil Miserans fucking nailed it with this debut, no doubt about it.

Debuts can really honestly go either way as some bands start off in an uncomfortable mind frame either from indecisiveness or inexperience, but in this case its the sheer talent that shines through everything else to make this album very enjoyable. Nil Miserans are one hell of a band already, and I’d be more than interested to see what else these Belgians can concoct.

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