Gottweist – Future is In Our Hands

11033394_951029484929840_6318729991762828170_n When it comes down to straight heavy metal, there’s not many bands that fall into that category but I have massive respect for all of them. They embody the original form of metal that led to the shit we love today, and even now it’s obviously still going strong. Gottweist’s latest album, “Future is In Our Hands”, is proof that they are followers of that tradition and do nothing but justice for heavy metal.

One of the many factors that make plain heavy metal more appealing to a lot of people are the fact that the vocals are generally smooth and have a nice melodic factor to them, and Gottweist lives up to that expectation very well. Combined the steady rhythm and well pulled off riffs, “Future is In Our Hands” is a solid piece of its genre that really shows how well of a grasp Gottweist has on it. The one thing though that brings down the quality of the album to me is that the songs feel really thinned out over their fairly lengthy run times that reach up to five minutes long. And with a twelve track gallery to choose from, it still doesn’t take away the fact for me that they don’t work well for their lengths despite me usually getting over that. But in the end “Future is In Our Hands” does a good job what it is and succeeds where plenty of failed, which is something to admire no two ways about it. Gottweist have created a fluid album that can make rock fans into heavy metal fans, along with any other type of music fan into a heavy metal follower because it’s just so well rounded and isn’t too extreme or too light to attract a real array of people, which is another area that many bands tend to fail in.

The fact that “Future is In Our Hands” contains some actual quality metal is a major plus for anyone who has been searching for anything above half decent, and Gottweist have satisfied that need for me without a doubt. If you even want to have a grasp on the modern state of heavy metal, then I can’t think of a much better album to start with then “Future is In Our Hands” despite its flaws to me.

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