Soul Dissolution – Pale Distant Light

a1295032390_10 The wonder that is black metal has always fascinated me with all of its forms and different styles even with it itself being one of dozens upon dozens of types of metal. One category of black metal that has always alluded my interest has been depressive or melancholic black which doesn’t always work for me because I tend to like the faster, more raw shit. But Soul Dissolution, despite not completely wooing me, have shown me the better side of the style.

Even just looking at an album with a run time of over 50 minutes, you know that you’re getting into something that will have some real weight to it or just a heap of steaming shit. Thankfully, it leaned more towards the former of the two as all ten tracks had a pretty smooth feel to them. Smooth for black metal that is because “Pale Distant Light” embodies black metal truly in the instruments more than anything as they have a very harsh sound that really helps carry out the longer run times of some of the songs, thus making them a more enjoyable experience. And as you imagined the vocals aren’t instruments, so what I’m saying is that they’re pretty different from what I’m used to as a black metal fan. They have a more melodic factor to them which helps as they constantly shift they tone and sound to better fit the theme of the lyrics whether they be more harsh or have a good emotional value behind them. And while they aren’t the best vocals I’ve heard before, they’re far from the worst as they actually add a good flow and cohesiveness to the mix, but if you’re not liking them the same way there are three instrumental tracks off the album. But in the end “Pale Distant Light” has a good combination of different elements to create an album that would normally deter me, but in this instance the music has such quality that I could not help but tune in and ultimately give it a thumbs up.

As I said, I’m not normally into this type of black metal, but there is always something that catches me off guard all of a sudden, and Soul Dissolution is that something for me today. Different elements to create something different and yet vaguely familiar to me, “Pale Distant Light” is a well rounded album that does nothing but intrigue the mind.

LISTEN to “Pale Distant Light” on Bandcamp here.

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