Wild Rocket – Formless Abyss

Given that many who find themselves in the depths of psychedelic rock tend to drift towards the reaches of outer space in order to really find a home for their sound, it’s no surprise to see a band of the style associate itself with that void even if there is a clear possibility of not living up to what many others are able to accomplish in today’s climate. But no matter how many try their hand at the sound and concept, the success of such a concoction is such that feels all but undeniable down to the very soul of the creation. With all the talent that we are spoiled with in the vast scene that is our’s to explore, it’s only a matter of looking for such an act, and tonight it was Wild Rocket who came up on my radar and fit that description absolutely perfectly.

When you’ve been immersed in a particular sound for some time, you start to draw connections even when there really aren’t any to begin with simply because the lines start to be blurred. When I first came upon Wild Rocket, I could not help but feel like some sort of line could be drawn between the Irish act and The Spacelords whose long-form instrumental psych-rock definitely has more than a few things in common with what’s been done here in “Formless Abyss”, but to say that Wild Rocket is a cheap copy of The Spacelords would be to greatly diminish this work in every regard. Consisting of three lengthy pieces with the shortest still clocking in over ten minutes, Wild Rocket has made for a real trip with “Formless Abyss” which lends to that very title perfectly as you do naught but drift through nothingness that is constantly changing shape at random with every corner, every turn, and every minute holding something new and hypnotic for all that your eyes and ears may be able to comprehend in their limited knowledge of the outer reaches where this album takes you. Add on top of all that a delicious sense of sublime heaviness that knows precisely when to pull back while the psychedelia remains the driving force for the whole of “Formless Abyss”, and what we’re left with is a tried and true approach to psychedelic rock that has long done the style justice with bands like Wild Rocket the fuel that keeps such excellence going forward.

One could make the argument that what’s been done here is nothing new to the style and, thus, a creation that is not noteworthy, but I couldn’t disagree anymore. Simply because an album doesn’t redefine the genre doesn’t mean it isn’t of quality with what’s been delivered here with “Formless Abyss” nothing short of an effort of real passion, clear talent, and the desire to have their say in the grand expanse of the underground to entrance their own listeners much like many who have come before. Wild Rocket may not be the biggest name in the game or one that garners much attention at all, but if there’s any single thing to glean from this album it’s that this is one band whose potential and talent should not be questioned given what this album has presented to us.

LISTEN to “Formless Abyss” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Wild Rocket on Facebook here.


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