Dark_Matter – Phobos/Monolyth

In the vast spread of the metal underground, there are more than a few lesser-performed styles out there that are absolutely more than worthy of growth simply because of the raw potential that it holds should even one name simply go for it and craft something exceptional. When it comes to the world of instrumental metal, in particular, I cannot help but feel as though there is still so much more to be done with all that has already been accomplished nothing that should be looked down upon with the potential horizons for the sound clear yet still largely unexplored. It’s because of bands like Dark_Matter, however, that we’re able to slowly see what’s still possible in the sound even if it means we’re but drip-fed one helping at a time.

A release like this is the sort that makes you humble for what little we do get while immensely hungry for what we could be having. For if “Phobos/Monolyth” is but a taste of what Dark_Matter is able to bring to the table then I can only imagine what new horizons and visages our eyes could feast upon should this trio simply go for it. There are but two tracks in this quick EP of not even eleven minutes yet it’s in that time that we’re able to get a neat peek into what Dark_Matter is able to deliver with their particular brand of instrumental metal having a clear progressive curb, but it’s obvious that the trio is not content to simply leave it at that. Such a stylistic decision truly allows the band to go in virtually any direction they want with “Phobos/Monolyth” finding the listener traveling down paths that manage to pull a lot from a little of the realms of ambient and post-metal to add a tasteful layer of atmosphere to the mix that doesn’t just deliver on an ethereal front, but succeeds in damn near every way while still leaving more than enough room for improvement. The passion and drive that Dark_Matter has throughout this brief offering is abundantly clear even if there is still a ways to go before the band can craft something massive in every aspect, but it’s important to remember that “Phobos/Monolyth” is but a glimpse into what this name is capable of with this being quite a delectable little treat if I do say so myself.

While one might expect sprawling reaches and peak musicianship when the very concept of progressive instrumental metal finds its way into your psyche, small works like what we see with “Phobos/Monolyth” are still treats that demand to be examined for what they do in its entirety. The path still stretches before Dark_Matter as they gaze into the future, but so long as they continue down this path then I don’t see why they won’t be a name to respect as the world of progressive instrumental metal slowly, but surely, grows.

LISTEN to “Phobos/Monolyth” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube here or below.

LIKE Dark_Matter on Facebook here.


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