The Space Huns – Swirling Waves, Moons and Tides

As I’m still sitting here riding on the wave of ecstasy that is the latest release from The Re-Stoned, I still somehow find myself hungering for more from the ever-bountiful world of instrumental psych rock. It’s a style that has perplexed me since I first discovered it, and it’s with just a little bit of patience alongside some digging that the style still has so much more to offer should you be willing to put in the work to see those new sights and take part in those unique experiences. Tonight, that’s precisely what I set out to accomplish yet again, and it was upon the discovery of The Space Huns that I knew I found something interesting with their latest work certainly being something to wholly lose yourself in.

Of the many different veins of instrumental music that I find myself coming into contact with, it’s always interesting to see parallels even if they’re slight. The Space Huns is still a relatively new band with their first album having come out just three years ago, but it’s already that their undeniable prowess, a real understanding of their style, and gorgeous vision make them a rising name that demands to be known; makes me see this as a trippier version of Black Sky Giant who find themselves in a similar situation as though both acts are two sides of the same instrumental coin. Taking cues from many of the different realms of psychedelia, it’s with “Swirling Waves, Tides and Moons” that we’re able to see The Space Huns really take on a conceptual side that not nearly enough bands in this vein do with the outcome of these four tracks taking a new approach to the concept and reality of serenity itself as the listener is pulled through a world that can only be brought to life with this style for its many different layers, flavors, and textures that tickle the consciousness in a way that’s no less than intoxicating. Yet, the goal is not what one would typically have in mind, making the surprise something truly unexpected as The Space Huns pulled a fast one with “Swirling Waves, Tides and Moons” that manages to not only hit on all the right notes for a release of this caliber but hold true to what the style could ever possibly be when it’s put in the right hands. If nothing else, it’s clear here that the hands of The Space Huns are most certainly the correct ones.

Finding a newer band like this that already has an established back-catalog of albums for me to go back to is always a wondrous joy for it’s interesting to see how the band in question rose to become the powerhouse that they’ve become as well as envision what all they still have to create. For all that was delivered with “Swirling Waves, Moons and Tides”, there is but one thing that is for certain: this is a rising band that is not to be taken lightly and one that all fans of psychedelia should take great note of.

LISTEN to “Swirling Waves, Moons and Tides” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Space Huns on Facebook here.

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