Wömit Angel – Sadopunk Finland

When we take into consideration all that the very winds of Scandinavia have done for the world of extreme metal, one cannot help but think of the big three styles of extreme metal from death, black, and doom that take precedent with how fleshed out the scenes in each country are in the current era. Finland’s black metal scene, in particular, is one that will never cease to amaze me for all that it still manages to accomplish with far more than a few managing to keep pushing the sound into other territories even with necessarily pulling anything new. They keep finding ways to make material feel fresh even if they use the same formula over and over as the years go on with bands like Wömit Angel all but the perfect example of such delicious consistency.

Ever since their very first days after the band came into being twelve years ago, Wömit Angel made it clear to all who came across them that this was an act that didn’t hold anything back as a true purveyor of sodomy, Satan, and an unyielding blend of black and thrash metal that ushered in all sorts of intensity from every single angle. After four albums, it makes one wonder just what else this band could bring to the table to help them maintain their status as a true force to be reckoned with as the themes of the band seem to constrict them into a particular corner, but it’s with the very existence of “Sadopunk Finland” that this trio shows us that they still have so much more to bring forth. Whether it be in the form of blistering riffs in a song that barely stretches over two minutes long or a sadistic, slower approach that’s still as caustic and effective as everything else that surrounds it, the very spirit of this album is scalding to the touch with the very ideals of Finnish metal greatness imbued into every given minute of the album with nothing but compelling intensity to be had around every corner without exception. The very fires of what has always made this kind of metal a scrumptious treat to behold ever since it first came into being are at play for the very whole of “Sadopunk Finland” with Wömit Angel all but the absolute perfect vessel to deliver such a raunchy, diabolic, and unwaveringly intoxicating creation of raw speed and power. Truly, this is what it means to be unhinged and unleashed.

I have seen my fair share of what it means to make fast-paced black metal over the years, and far too often does the material fall flat as the bands in question aren’t able to live up to such high levels of energy with a sound that ultimately feels one-dimensional. Since day on, Wömit Angel has been a force to be reckoned with as their power has never once been anything to underestimate, and it’s with every possible aspect of “Sadopunk Finland” that shows us how up to the task this band still is with their material still utterly compelling without question or hesitation to be had whatsoever even as the final whip crack echoes into oblivion at the end of this vicious record.

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Sadopunk Finland” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

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