Post Mortal Possession – Valley of the Starving

I’ve gone on record many, many times in saying how it’s the more extreme ends of death metal, an already extreme sound in of itself, simply isn’t for me more often than not simply because I feel at some point it becomes more about being loud and visceral more than creating a cohesive listen. Of course, there are always exceptions to situations like that with it being every so often that a record of the sound comes my way and I simply cannot turn away from it for one reason or another, and it’s tonight that I found myself fortunate enough to have been shown just such a creation from Post Mortal Possession who I’ve never once heard before, but it’s clear that the band’s past experience leading up to this effort has done them many, many favors.

Without any sort of finesse or proper guidance to achieve the vision that you want, any single body of work could fall apart in an instant which is something that plagues brutal death metal in my eyes since it truly does feel as though the material is made exclusively to be loud without any sort of underlying detail throughout the album at hand. It effortlessly makes for an empty listen that isn’t made for much more than to blow out your eardrums, but it’s when we get an act like Post Mortal Possession that manages to really show us how it’s done to tremendous effect that it makes me wonder why excellence like this isn’t heralded more for its obvious glory. Even then, though, I’m okay with that since it makes the very discovery and enjoyment of works like “Valley of the Starving” feel just a little bit more special. While far from the most bewildering piece of the style that I’ve heard in recent years, there’s no denying that what’s been brought forth from the cannibalistic woods that these twelve tracks emerge from has just enough of that extra care taken into its creation that is lacking in many of the other contemporary creations that we find ourselves faced with as it’s for the whole of their latest work that Post Mortal Possession manages to overcome such hurdles to make this record a vicious performance right from the beginning and keep it cohesive right until the very end. To simply immerse yourself in what “Valley of the Starving” has to offer is to begin to really show the mind what competent material of brutal death metal has to offer for it marks off all the proper boxes for what should be considered a well-rounded experience of the sound with loads of melody laden underneath inescapable ferocity, undeniable energy that permeates every possible moment, and a tremendous sense of precisely the vision in mind for what the album should be that Post Mortal Possession executed with deadly intent.

This is the sort of albums in this style that I’m always looking for with everything within the album pointing towards a reality where the band in question is doing their best to make a palatable experience that still stays true to the very roots of the sound, and it would be a criminal understatement o say that Post Mortal Possession didn’t do a bang-up job with this creation. Plenty of what’s to be had within “Valley of the Starving” is very much what we could use more of throughout the style, and I can only hope the denizens of this particular section of the vast underground will gather around the effort like it rightfully deserves.

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2 thoughts on “Post Mortal Possession – Valley of the Starving

  1. I am a huge fan of P. M. P. and desperately want to purchase a hard copy of Valley of the Starving but have not been able to. If there is any help on that matter I would greatly appreciate it.

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