Malgöth – Primordial Dawn

Much like the endless void of screams and death, the number of black/death metal bands is seemingly endless. It’s a fusion that virtually all of us are aware of in some form or another, and there are few ways to truly encompass how many of these bands there are. So many that it can often feel like many of them just tread over the same ground to the point of exhaustion, but, like all styles, it all depends on who’s behind the wheel in order to deliver a performance that’s worth listening to even if it does literally nothing new. Case and point: Malgöth.

As another form of the members behind Chasmdweller, it’s with Malgöth that we see the act bring on another man entirely just for vocals in order to bring us a new entity that is by and large their darkest form yet without question. Hell, just looking at the cover art for this debut should instantly tell you what we’re in for! A blackened death metal EP like this, like I already said, is far from uncommon in every single way, but it’s with “Primordial Dawn” that Malgöth shows us what they can do. In many ways, it’s far from anything to scoff at with it immediately having the capacity to reel in any willing soul that wants to lose themselves in the lightless abyss that these four tracks call home, but it’s also just another form of what we’ve heard before from plenty of other names. And yet, I can’t help but greatly enjoy this slice of utterly visceral darkness! There’s so much chaos within these four tracks that it’s a true task to not fall into its depths and become lost in the halls that are crafted specifically for our unending suffering as though they’re a mirror version of something out of a Clive Barker creation, but it misses the mark by just a few inches to achieve such a vision. Regardless of that slight miss, Malgöth has delivered a work of utter madness with “Primordial Dawn” to the point that I can’t help but say that I very much want to hear more.

The band could go in any direction they want since they’ve started out of a virtually blank slate for this style with every possible path being set before them, and given the performance that can be heard throughout the absolute entirety of “Primordial Dawn”, I know that the right choice will be made whatever it may be. Malgöth’s beginning is more than unassuming when taking into account much of the competition that the scene sees on a daily basis, but that should make the slow and methodical rise of Malgöth all the more devilish when it’s put into effect.

LISTEN to “Primordial Dawn” on Bandcamp here.

Malgöth does not have any social media, so please follow the band on Bandcamp to keep up to date on any further material that they may release.

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