The Scalar Process – Coagulative Matter

With the absolute surge of excellence in the world of technical death metal, talent is something that we’re never in low supply on whether it’s modern legends or fresh acts that still manage to blow our minds. It’s no wonder why it has become a favorite style for many who have even just dipped their toes into its depths, and there is no sign of that excellency going away any time soon with the likes of The Scalar Process delivering works like what we have here.

It would be a hell of an assumption for me to say anything along the lines of “this album is easily one of the best starting off points for tech-death in the new year that I could’ve asked for”, but it is extremely tempting. The very concept of “Coagulative Matter”, a debut album from an act that’s as hungry as they are passionate, is one that this style has seen a true abundance of with no small amount of these bands accomplishing their goal with stunning success and this instance is no different. Right out of the gate, The Scalar Process proves to be a name that fans of the style must know should they want to add yet another name to the ever-growing list of bands that need to have at least one eye kept on them as that very list becomes almost comical in length. But, in every form would that addition be worth it for not only does The Scalar Process bring forth a tremendous display of musicianship that makes any work of technical death metal something to behold, they also know how to keep the listening guessing, keep them wanting to hear more from one minute to the next, and salivate for the next spectacular example of mastery. Every iota of “Coagulative Matter” is overflowing with the exact same power that makes any great work of the style to those new heights that make any band more than worth mentioning, and it’s between the sheer power that you can feel in your spine, musical prowess that instantly raises eyebrows and turns heads, and the sheer surprise factor at this being a debut album that it becomes very apparent very quickly that The Scalar Process isn’t here to play around.

Of all the styles that inhabit the vast world of metal, it is surely technical death that is in the safest of hands given the unprecedented talent that’s rampant throughout its entire soundscape, and The Scalar Process is another tremendous addition to that very glory. Every inch of “Coagulative Matter” is to be taken seriously by all listeners of the style in order to open your mind to even more talent that somehow never gets old, and if many aren’t flocking to this name then that is a true crime upon all things that go on in the expanding world of technical death metal.

“Coagulative Matter” releases on February 19th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Coagulative Matter” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Scalar Process on Facebook here.

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