Revolting – The Shadow At The World’s End

It is from the land of Sweden that death metal has found a home the likes of which is hard to rival no matter what other parts of the world you try to compare it to simply because of the staggering quality that’s constantly flowing forth from the country at all times. There are always so many names to sift through that it’s hard to hear them all, but it’s tonight that I find myself ashamed that I haven’t investigated Revolting until now. A glorious act from top to bottom, it’s their upcoming work that hasn’t only caught my eye but demanded my attention.

If you’re like me and haven’t checked out this act, all you need to know going into this is that this is yet another massive name to at least partially come from the mind of Rogga Johansson, and if you don’t know that name by heart then you need to stop right now and go do some digging! This may be the thousandth album that the man has been a part of over the years, but it’s under the name of Revolting and especially with the likes of “The Shadow At The World’s End” that we’ve got something interesting indeed. Just envision, if you will, the closest thing to a perfect Swedish death record in the modern world, and Revolting has created something that could be a damn good contender for just that. Between the riffs, cutthroat attitude, perpetuation of undying quality that’s happening at all times throughout “The Shadow At The World’s End”, how can any soul who actively enjoys this style not find themselves entranced by what’s been accomplished here? Even beyond that, Revolting has crafted something that’s infinitely intoxicating as each musician behind this work is at a peak that feels so effortlessly done that I just can’t help but become stunned by what they’ve all brought together for an effort like this with such magnitude to be held in literally every single fucking track! “The Shadow At The World’s End” is the very definition of a shocking work in just about every single way, and it’s only fitting that an act as revered as Revolting pulls it off without breaking a sweat.

Given how saturated the style is at virtually every given moment, solid works from the style is always a welcome thing to my ears since it can be easy to think that Swedish death is overflowing with uninteresting acts with that being anything but the case and we can see that done beautifully with Revolting. This name has become something that needs to be known by any self-respecting fan of Swedish death out there for this has just about everything you could ask for from this sort of release. It’s until the very end of “The Shadow At The World’s End” that Revolting will have you absolutely riveted, and it’ll be only after hours that you’ll realize how intoxicating their sound truly is.

“The Shadow At The World’s End” releases on November 27th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to singles from “The Shadow At The World’s End” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Revolting on Facebook here.

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