Aphonic Threnody – The Great Hatred

When I had first listened to the debut album from Towards Atlantis Lights just a few years ago, I was determined that the next thing I was going to hear from any of the band members was going to be new material from the same act. As usual, I was very naive since I was unaware that the people behind that act are very busy elsewhere. Aphonic Threnody is just one of those and even though it’s a similar act from even the same vein it should be treated as its own creation, and there’s no better argument for that than this forthcoming release.

Just knowing that someone from the aforementioned act is behind Aphonic Threnody drew me in even closer to what’s been done all throughout “The Great Hatred” even after I feel into this release for all of its exquisite delights. Even if it’s just one member who’s just on the guitars, that talent and expertise is clearly there and it only amplifies the already magnificent glory that the other members are constantly delivering in every feasible second of this hour-long album. Across six songs that embody literally everything that has ever made death/doom such a treat to listen to since day one, there isn’t a single one of them that doesn’t make “The Great Hatred” an absolute must-listen album for the style. Between striking piano work, vocals that range wondrously in every song without exception, strings that are just as gorgeously done as they are harrowing, the talent that’s on constant display without one fault, and the masterful execution that’s always leaving the listener wanting more, what is there to be said about what Aphonic Threnody that isn’t overflowing with praise and adoration? It’s all pulled off without a single hitch to be had in sight, and there’s no way anyone could ever convince me of otherwise simply because of how monumental “The Great Hatred” is in every way. It’s not often that an album leaves be taken aback in such a way that all I can say is “fuck yes” over and over again even after several listens, but “The Great Hatred” is not a listen that we’re given often by any means and should be accepted like the stroke of brilliance that it is.

There are a good many doom records that are on my radar when it comes to what’s coming out in the near future, and I’ll be honest in saying that Aphonic Threnody was not on that list simply because I was not aware of what I was in for until well after I hit that play button. I cannot implore people enough to check out “The Great Hatred” the first opportunity that they get for it is far from an album that you’re going to want to miss should you consider yourself any sort of a fan of the grand realm of death/doom.

“The Great Hatred” releases on October 16th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “The Great Hatred” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Aphonic Threnody on Facebook here.

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