Vampiric – The Magic of the Night

Improvement comes with times and it’s with a lot of time that improvement normally comes, but it’s with the occasional exception that some bands learn to become much more very quickly. Last I heard Vampiric was with the band’s debut EP at the tail end of last year, and I truly wasn’t expecting something new so quickly! That doesn’t always guarantee quality but it’s with a massive improvement in its sound and a significant jump in quality that Vampiric returns in the night with their devilish first go at a full-length album.

And here I was pretty damn confident that I was going to end the year with the blackened thrash scene spitting up Frosthelm, Wraith, and Warfist for me to salivate over when we come to the end of the year when I reflect on what the style has delivered me over the year. But then, as you might imagine, Vampiric decides to bust back in here out of fucking nowhere with a debut full-length that, honestly, is a lot more impressive than what I was prepared for. “The Magic of the Night” improves upon every facet with which Vampiric first brought upon the world with so much excellence in its near-hour long runtime that it’s simply electrifying to listen to. From the hypnotic riffage that can easily blend with keys that are worthy of cathedral royale to tremendous speed that’s as contained as it is ferocious to a fantastic diversity across all nine tracks, “The Magic of the Night” truly does have a magical feel to it that enables the whole listen to simply be fun from start to finish. Vampiric is no less than intoxicating at every turn with this album and it’s simply amazing to witness such growth when compared to their humble debut, and it couldn’t be any more rewarding to experience.

Right from the start, “The Magic of the Night” sets out to be something better than many others of the style, and it succeeds at every possible turn without a single bump in the road that only furthers the excellence of this work. Vampiric had my attention before, but now they have my undying respect and undeniable attention such that I not only implore you to investigate this release upon its arrival but every release that Vampiric will put out!

“The Magic of the Night” releases on November 8th!

LISTEN to Vampiric on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vampiric on Facebook here.

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