Esogenesi – s/t

It’s when I sit down to find something to listen that I need to figure out just what exactly I’m in the mood for. Maybe it’s some straight death metal like Paganzier, some rock band from anyone in the world that’s catchy as all hell, or a folk metal band that transports me to some world far more fantastical. But tonight, I wanted something with some real weight to it in its heaviness. Some doom is what I needed more than anything and I was willing to search for hours for it, but it’s from this brand new act out of Italy that I couldn’t have found a better piece to lose myself in. Right from the very beginning, it would be no overestimation to consider Esogenesi’s debut as one of the most tantalizing records of the year.

We could sit here and talk for hours as to what exactly makes for a good doom record across its heaviness, its emotional baggage, the diversity amongst its tracks, how well everything sounds when put together, and everything else in between. The list just goes on and on, and sometimes it feels like there are only a few bands that know how to do the style justice. They’re typically veterans of the style that know precisely what they’re doing, but it’s with just five tracks on their very first offering that Esogenesi reveals to us that they have the capacity of an act that’s been stalking the scene for decades but with the tenacity of young blood. This is such a sublime stew that hits like a damn bulldozer on a level that it’s still hard for me to comprehend after listening to this devastation for hours upon hours. What Esogenesi brings to the table here is an incredibly classy and massive approach to doom wreathed in a flavorful crust of death that permeates every moment of this record to produce us a gorgeous and visceral blend that feels just as beautifully macabre as the cover art. Esogenesi delivers a massive presence at every single turn as they masterfully weave through so many different styles of what makes death/doom such a treat to begin with in such a graceful manner that it’s nothing short of awesome to witness time after time. In every possible way in the highest fashion, it’s here in just five tracks that this unknown band has made a name for themselves that is already worthy of a cult following with just a single spin of this monolithic record being enough to see just how brightly Esogenesi shines in their special brand of radiant darkness.

It’s heavy. It’s poignant in every way. It effortlessly goes from bone-crushingly heavy to soul-wrenching in its tones. Its godlike magnitude of musicianship cannot be challenged. Its quality is undeniable. And, most importantly, it’s just the start of what Esogenesi can dish out.

“Esogenesi” releases on October 4th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Esogenesi” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Esogenesi on Facebook here.

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