Sílení- Long Forgotten Bowers

Many times, it feels as though life only ever works in a one-two punch scenario with certain things. Whenever one thing happens, the next is sure to immediately follow, and it’s with the world of ambient that it has constantly occurred for me that my two pillars of the genre bring me back for more. Moloch Conspiracy grasped me not even a week ago, and now it’s from my favorite label of the genre that we’re treated to yet another delicious piece of ambient. With a theme that’s as deep as it is unforgiving, Sílení has created something to truly lose yourself within in many ways.

Usually, whenever I go into an ambient album I’ve noticed that there’s a goal or a theme in mind. Given how the genre itself is quite literally all atmosphere with rarely any vocals coming in for any sort of narration, the mind can run wild with imagination taking the wheel and twisting the ambiance into forms that never once crossed the mind of the creator. But it’s with Sílení that we’re presented an idea that’s one to ponder as well as chase after: seeking for answers without taking regard for how lost you will become, and the reverence in places whose magic has not waned but hold naught but faint memories. It’s with “Long Forgotten Bowers” that we see nine tracks present such a neat idea in a fantastic display of prowess for the genre that it’s all but impossible to not become lost within this album. The soothing soundscapes that can easily switch to a haunting scrape across the mind that shows the dark side of the gorgeous ruins that Sílení takes us through while showing us the potential in their destruction for our gain. But “Long Forgotten Bowers” comes with that previously mentioned warning, and Sílení plays it to great effect as we can clearly hear it in the deep layers of these nine tracks that help make this album an incredibly layered experience that serves as a decent lesson as well as a record that’s not one to pass up for any fan of the genre.

I’ve come across many people who view ambient as nothing great at all and something that literally puts them to sleep, but I couldn’t think of a more engaging style on a subconscious level and Sílení perfectly showcases that with this album. Delving into the glory of “Long Forgotten Bowers” is the sort of thing that I will definitely find myself doing in the future, and should you do the same be mindful not to get lost for Sílení will not mourn the foolish and simply proceed to leave you behind.

LISTEN to “Long Forgotten Bowers” on Bandcamp here.

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