Eighth Tower Records – In Tenebris Scriptus

 If you look close enough to any sort of media from paintings to video games to movies to music to literature, you will find the irrefutable influence of H.P. Lovecraft popping up all over the place. The man’s legendary universe has captured the imaginations of millions upon millions of people, and it has understandably seeped its way into the world of ambient music. Eighth Tower Records clearly knew that and grabbed twelve acts out of their current roster to bring together a tribute compilation that’s equal parts haunting as it is beautiful.

What is there really to say about “In Tenebris Scriptus” that you can’t already imagine yourself? It’s a tribute to one of the greatest literature behemoths of all time and combining the man’s dark universe with a style of music that is literally all atmosphere results in what could essentially be considered a soundtrack for any classic Lovecraft piece. Eighth Tower Records has been a solid label for ambient fans for a little over a year now with it being referred to me by several people who know way more about the style than I do, and I’m very glad that “In Tenebris Scriptus” is my first morsel from this label. These twelve tracks from twelve different acts allow for a unique set of twelve different takes surrounding the same style and topic, but it enables this compilation to be part collaboration at the same time which is something typically hard to achieve. And with Moloch Conspiracy being the only familiar name for me within “In Tenebris Scriptus”, the great vast majority of this piece is unknown to me and I’m enthralled by every one of them. So not only did we all get a tremendous display of power and love in regards to Lovecraft, we’re greeted with twelve captivating acts that show us the current state of ambient music, and it couldn’t be any more enticing.

Over time, I’ve been slowly stoking the fire for my interest in the world of ambient, but it’s with “In Tenebris Scriptus” that my intrigue for the style has never been higher! The sheer quality and talent showcase at every turn within “In Tenebris Scriptus” has not only put Eighth Tower Records on my radar but eleven more tasty morsels of ambient that I definitely need to do some researching into as soon as I can.

LISTEN to “In Tenebris Scriptus” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Eighth Tower Records on Facebook here.

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