Top 25 Albums of 2014

Just a quick disclaimer before you go down below to judge my favorites of last year: all these albums are albums that I’ve reviewed on here and they came out in 2014 of course. Now this list was made completely independently by me without any influence in the rankings other than how often I listen to the albums, and how high of quality I found them to be. No one paid me, asked me to put some bands at some places, or did any other sort of persuading. This was made at breakfast while looking through the 200+ reviews I’ve … Continue reading Top 25 Albums of 2014

Upon A Burning Body – The World Is My Enemy Now

¬†Upon A Burning Body’s third studio album is definitely a good sounding piece of deathcore that I’m sure the fans of the band and of the genre can agree that it’s a good addition. The album is quite heavy and everything the band does helps in every sort of way. The vocals have a real hatred to them and a frustration that can be heard through the lyrics and the brutal style that they’re sung in. The guitars have amazing rhythm throughout all of “The World Is My Enemy Now” in that they can go from heavy and slow to … Continue reading Upon A Burning Body – The World Is My Enemy Now