POSTE942 – Extended Play

 This brilliant 5-track album of southern metal from POSTE942 is something that is very edgy for hard rock and has a lick of metal in there to shake things up a bit, and it works fabulously. “Extended Play” busts in with a grunge sound to the guitars that are greatly backed up with the melody of  the vocalist whose voice is absolutely perfect for this southern style of hard rock where each riff is gritty as fucking sandpaper. The cover art alone shows the grit that is jam packed into these songs to the absolute brim which gives the album the feel … Continue reading POSTE942 – Extended Play

Brotherhood – Till Death. . .

 Whoever says southern metal, grunge metal, or anything of the sort isn’t could can go shut the hell up now. This reissue of Brotherhood’s “Till Death. . .” is the greatest of that kind of music because it really does sound like a band of rebels that made a band and started playing in the damn garage. The whole album has a real grungy sound to it much like how Leatherneck does with their music by giving it a real edgy and even sandpapery (that’s a word now) feel to it that persists through the entire album and that’s what … Continue reading Brotherhood – Till Death. . .

Vices – New Breed LP

 “New Breed” is the kind of debut LP that gets anyone who likes southern-sounding metal with that grunge to it rioting to and getting the feeling to do anything and everything whether it’s legal or not. I’m not saying you should, of course, but that’s the feeling you’ll probably get when you hear the debut of Vices. Their music injects you with heart pounding adrenaline and continues to do so throughout the LP without stopping their in-your-face music. The vocals have the harshness of Pantera’s and they are just purely raw to the core and the listener has no choice … Continue reading Vices – New Breed LP

Methane – Southern Metal

 For some reason . . . this EP reminded me of Pantera in a way. The harshness alone seems reminiscent of “Drag the Waters” by Pantera vaguely but to me I can still make a connection even if there isn’t a connection in the first place. What make the two similar is that the songs from Methane’s “Southern Metal” have slow but heavy sound and rhythm to them that just make them catchy to anyone who can enjoy that kind of music. The vocals have that are signature to Pantera also which have that well done mix of a raspy … Continue reading Methane – Southern Metal