Cartheus – The Dispute (single)

 This is a track that you have to listen to when you’re looking to chill. This is not a track you want to play to get the energy at a party. “The Dispute” is Cartheus’ single from their upcoming debut album, and while the only problem I have with it is its pacing, this song is not bad by any means. It had a very nice groove to it with the bass have a good rhythm alongside the fluid guitars that were just spot on to say in the least for the entirety of “The Dispute” which is over 7 … Continue reading Cartheus – The Dispute (single)

Riverside – Love, Fear and the Time Machine

 I’ve never been big into progressive rock as it’s always felt bland and unoriginal in a lot of cases, but Riverside have broken that streak for me with their brand new album “Love, Fear and the Time Machine”. This is an hour long album with only ten tracks on it so if you like long songs then you’re sure to get your fill with this piece. Each track has a very nice flow to it that was only amplified by how fluid that vocals were alongside the guitars that were very atmospheric in some areas. That’s always a plus for … Continue reading Riverside – Love, Fear and the Time Machine

Sideburn – Evil or Divine

 We all know of one band who we consider to be a “radio band” where all the songs off of that band’s albums are made exclusively so that they get on the radio only to make money regardless of overall meaning of a song, whether or not it has a point to existing, blah, blah, blah. Well Sideburn isn’t like that, but the sheer sound quality and how catchy their new album “Evil or Divine” is in its entirety. With a run time of 44 minutes with only 7 tracks to it, “Evil or Divine” is a very solid piece of progressive … Continue reading Sideburn – Evil or Divine

Gaillion – Letters from the Skipper (single)

 When I say that “Letters from the Skipper” is a free flowing single, I’m not trying to make a pun out of the album cover. This progressive rock song has a very calming feel to it that you don’t normally see in progressive rock because the more progressive side is more of an experimental genre and can have a wide variety of sounds, combinations, and tunes that are more innovative. But Gaillion take a simple route and make this a more calming song as I said and making it ideal for something like a boat ride, as you might be … Continue reading Gaillion – Letters from the Skipper (single)

Obsidian Key – LOUD!

 This band is technically both progressive rock and metal, but I’m going to stick with just prog rock because Obsidian Key’s upcoming album “LOUD!” isn’t heavy or hardcore enough for me to consider it metal. There were plenty of calm pieces throughout the album that were very soothing and had a great sound to them even though they’re the opposite of what you’d expect from the title of the album. While some of the songs are lengthy, they do keep the quality consistent all throughout the album and they’re all something that rock fans from everywhere will be able to … Continue reading Obsidian Key – LOUD!