Cartheus – The Dispute (single)

 This is a track that you have to listen to when you’re looking to chill. This is not a track you want to play to get the energy at a party. “The Dispute” is Cartheus’ single from their upcoming debut album, and while the only problem I have with it is its pacing, this song is not bad by any means. It had a very nice groove to it with the bass have a good rhythm alongside the fluid guitars that were just spot on to say in the least for the entirety of “The Dispute” which is over 7 … Continue reading Cartheus – The Dispute (single)

Riverside – Love, Fear and the Time Machine

 I’ve never been big into progressive rock as it’s always felt bland and unoriginal in a lot of cases, but Riverside have broken that streak for me with their brand new album “Love, Fear and the Time Machine”. This is an hour long album with only ten tracks on it so if you like long songs then you’re sure to get your fill with this piece. Each track has a very nice flow to it that was only amplified by how fluid that vocals were alongside the guitars that were very atmospheric in some areas. That’s always a plus for … Continue reading Riverside – Love, Fear and the Time Machine