Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep

 I’m going to try so much and not say the words “Linkin Park” in this because this album reviewed me so goddamn much of them. “The Mindsweep” isn’t exactly your typical metal band if your going for heaviness. Now if you know who Enter Shikari is then you know exactly what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t then you probably saw “Linkin Park” (I failed you, I’m not sorry) and either thought “Oh fuck”, “oh yes!”, or just simply “oh”. Well in my case since I was going in relatively blind about this band so it was just “oh”. … Continue reading Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep

He Whose Ox Is Gored – Rumors

 That cover and name don’t exactly scream “one of the best doom metal albums you’ve heard for a little while”, I know, but after listening to “Rumors” that’s all the album did for me. Just from this alone I have that feel in the back of my head that He Whose Ox Is Gored can really rise the ranks of doom metal bands out there easily if they make their first full length album which (based upon what they’ve done with “Rumors”) is going to be something else entirely. This album is really catchy and just all around really good … Continue reading He Whose Ox Is Gored – Rumors

Vickie Vale – Volume 3: A Heart Out of Tune

 This post-hardcore punk album is definitely one for those of you out there who enjoy your gritty punk music from a band that also has softer side in the latter half of the album. Now before you go anywhere – the second half isn’t completely soppy and sad music; it was just more prominent in the second half than in the first half. But “Volume 3: A Heart Out of Tune” was a solid album when I listened to it because it really had that emotional factor that I didn’t mind because it wasn’t really overpowering to me. The tone … Continue reading Vickie Vale – Volume 3: A Heart Out of Tune

Truth Teller – Tell Me Why (single)

 I’ll say it now, I’m not the biggest fan of emocore. It’s like symphonic metal with me it just never has clicked with my brain. But the brand fucking new band from South Korea, Truth Teller, has taken the (to me) much better route with emocore with their debut song “Tell Me Why” because they (again, to me) have the perfect balance of the type of vocals that are the more harsh and louder that bring in the “emocore” into this mostly post hardcore song. In fact I’m gonna go so far as to say this is probably the perfect … Continue reading Truth Teller – Tell Me Why (single)

Provoke, Destroy – Vulture

 “Vulture” is a nice album that is more post-hardcore than metalcore in my opinion but there is a subtle influence of metalcore in the songs and that gives them a nice sound that a lot of people can enjoy. The album was probably the heaviest at “Li(f)e Support” which was my favorite track because it was done really really well. Throughout all the songs the vocals went from a real nice post-hardcore metal voice to another that are very common among metalcore that if you listen to it enough you should know what I’m talking about (there’s nothing wrong with … Continue reading Provoke, Destroy – Vulture