Hybrid Nightmares – The Third Age

 While I can’t say that this is my favorite album that Hybrid Nightmares have put out, I can say that they have not lost a lick of badassery. Their new album, “The Third Age”, is the third part of the four part and so far acclaimed Ages series that this band have been creating so far this year, and I can vouch for the band in saying that this album is fucking awesome and a more than worthy addition to this series. “The Third Age” is without a doubt Hybrid Nightmares’ most brutal album to date and breaks new ground … Continue reading Hybrid Nightmares – The Third Age

Hybrid Nightmares – Ash and Bone (single)

 Coming back with the third installment of their 4 part album “Ages” series, Melbourne based Hybrid Nightmares have come back to us with the first track off of “The Third Age” which is due by either late this July or early August, either way doesn’t matter as I will wait as long as I have to for this album. I still love listening to the previous two albums, “The First Age” and “The Second Age”, every single day because they have an amazingly good quality sound of black metal mixed with progressive metal to make a crushing feel and intense … Continue reading Hybrid Nightmares – Ash and Bone (single)

My Favorites of 2015 (so far)

What a great half year it’s been! It is now current July 2nd in the States and that means the first half of 2015 is done and gone. It’s as good as any time to recap and go over my favorite albums of the year out of all the great records that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Below is the list as you may have already noticed unless you’re blind. There are 20 albums in total if you want to know, and I am putting them in no particular order when it comes to how much I like them, … Continue reading My Favorites of 2015 (so far)

Hybrid Nightmares – The Second Age

 As the second entry into an epic saga of the downfall of man, Hybrid Nightmares’ “The Second Age” does not lose any of the magnificence that was all over their previous album “The First Age”. In fact, the overall quality of the sound, structure, and melody of “The Second Age” has improved by a great deal with the addition of calmer, instrumental tracks in this album instead of the constant black metal vocals, guitars, and drums that while done amazingly well can get a little unimaginative at times. The best example of this that is shown in this album is … Continue reading Hybrid Nightmares – The Second Age

Hybrid Nightmares – The First Age

 This album is definitely something else for black metal in terms of meaning and story telling since Carach Angren’s arrival on the scene. Hybrid Nightmare’s second EP, “The First Age” is the first of a four-album saga that tells the tale of man’s rise and eventual downfall at their own hands. This makes for an epic tale that has an amazing beginning and at this rate will have a pgenomenal finale whenever the fourth and final entry comes out. The harsh vocals off of “The First Age” are impressively done and have a real black metal feel to them that … Continue reading Hybrid Nightmares – The First Age