Top 25 Albums of 2014

Just a quick disclaimer before you go down below to judge my favorites of last year: all these albums are albums that I’ve reviewed on here and they came out in 2014 of course. Now this list was made completely independently by me without any influence in the rankings other than how often I listen to the albums, and how high of quality I found them to be. No one paid me, asked me to put some bands at some places, or did any other sort of persuading. This was made at breakfast while looking through the 200+ reviews I’ve … Continue reading Top 25 Albums of 2014

Solitary Sabred – Redemption Through Force

 I’m gonna say two band names and you’re going to have an image for each. Manowar, and HammerFall. Got the images? Now, image smashing those two together and throw in a theme of medieval times and you’ve gotten yourself Solitary Sabred’s upcoming sophomore album “Redemption Through Force”. This Cypriot (they’re from Cyprus) band does an amazing job of going back to the time during the 80s when metal was at its best, and Solitary Sabred chose to draw from the power metal from that era and have that influence their music which turned out to sound like something that came … Continue reading Solitary Sabred – Redemption Through Force

HammerFall – (r)Evolution

 This is my new HammerFall album. Before it was “No Sacrifice, No Victory” but “(r)Evolution” beats that by a mile for me. Overall this album was very nice, even if you don’t like HammerFall I still think you should try this album out. I’ve listened to power metal for a while (Sabaton, HammerFall, DragonForce) and this one is near the top if not at the peak. “(r)Evolution” has the same vocals as always which still sound amazing in chorus along with the back up vocals that do an excellent job. The guitars are true power metal guitars by pulling off … Continue reading HammerFall – (r)Evolution