My Favorites of 2015 (so far)

What a great half year it’s been! It is now current July 2nd in the States and that means the first half of 2015 is done and gone. It’s as good as any time to recap and go over my favorite albums of the year out of all the great records that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Below is the list as you may have already noticed unless you’re blind. There are 20 albums in total if you want to know, and I am putting them in no particular order when it comes to how much I like them, … Continue reading My Favorites of 2015 (so far)

Feared – Synder

 I’m not saying that I called it, but I fucking did. Right from the moment that I heard Feared latest single, “My Grief, My Sorrow”, I knew with the utmost certainty that “Synder” was going to be as much of a masterpiece as Feared’s fourth release, “Vinter”, if not more of a masterpiece. And much to my disbelief, the latter is true. I was extremely ecstatic when I first saw that this mammoth album was going to be a beast with all 13 tracks being innovative for Feared and death metal alike, and it’s something that this band has become … Continue reading Feared – Synder

Feared – My Grief, My Sorrow (single)

I still remember the first time I heard Feared’s fourth album, “Vinter”, almost a year ago and feeling the awesomeness that Feared is and the talent that they have, and I thought they couldn’t get any better. Well, now they’re back with their fifth full length album and it shows me that I haven’t been more wrong about anything else in my life. Their new single “My Grief, My Sorrow” that they just released today is as great as their previous releases and demonstrates that Feared have not lost their touch one bit. This song is heavy, it deals with … Continue reading Feared – My Grief, My Sorrow (single)