Ende – The Rebirth of I

 I remember hearing Ende’s last EP, “The God’s Rejects”, a few months ago for the first time and just being blown the fuck away. It was literally everything and anything any sort of atmospheric black metal fan could ever think to want out of one album. The vocals were raw beyond comparison, had a solid melody while being as sporadic as possible, and having an amazing sound. Everything was fast and relentless, that goes double for the guitars, drums, and bass as all three of them had such a raw texture and speed to them that I could not help … Continue reading Ende – The Rebirth of I

Ende – The God’s Rejects

 The essence of the sound of black metal is purely raw and unrestrained, as we all should know I assume. Back in the 90’s this was something else entirely with bands coming with all sorts of different types of shit to make their black metal sound more raw and more unrestrained than what bands before them had already done a thousand times over and over again. Nowadays, some bands are returning back to those times with coming up with albums that while sounding raw on record they sound just as if not more so raw when played live. One such … Continue reading Ende – The God’s Rejects