Shiran – Warm Winter Day

 Hey, look! Another band with a female vocalist! Shiran comes at me with vocals and a djent-like album that had a very melodic feel to it so it has that nice flow and easy sound that many of us enjoy a lot to no end. “Warm Winter Day” has a nice combo with the guitars and drums which both do a very nice job of their own jobs and take that to their maximum potential. Now while this seems like your basic djent metal band, but the female vocals make this a whole lot more interesting all by themselves because … Continue reading Shiran – Warm Winter Day

Despite – EPic

 “EPic” was a killer of an album. I’m sure someone could’ve told by the cover which I absolutely love, it’s amazing. Being Despite’s second release it really blew me away. While I haven’t heard their first release (yet), I can tell already that they were either this good from the start or got much better over time because these types of albums don’t happen on a normal basis. The EP was a very well done energetic metal album that is classified as death metal on their bandcamp page . . . I don’t think I would personally call this death … Continue reading Despite – EPic

Ceiling of Anvers – We All Live In Balance

 “We All Live In Balance” is an energetic and pretty hardcore piece of metal that has a constant energy that doesn’t let up no matter what and that keeps the album going and anyone listening interesting. The vocals convey a very angry and strained tone of voice along with lyrics that back up their sound and they go along very well with the guitars that are quite heavy and have a solid rhythm the entire time and also do very well in the instrumental song “Circles”. And the drums have a good beat and pace throughout “We All Live In … Continue reading Ceiling of Anvers – We All Live In Balance