Lelahell – Al Insane.​.​. The (Re​)​Birth Of Abderrahmane

 First off, let’s just call this album “Al Insane” for short. Second, I didn’t even know Algeria had any metal bands. I guess you really do learn something new everyday. Now this is also a death metal album, and a good death metal album at that. “Al Insane” does a really good job at having an overwhelming sense of hatred and anger that comes across very easily and stays in each tracks which gives the whole album a feel of pure rage that’s always there 100% of the time. The vocals have a harsh and extremely brutal sound to them … Continue reading Lelahell – Al Insane.​.​. The (Re​)​Birth Of Abderrahmane

Hate Division – Order of the Enslaved

 When you hear the phrase “Canadian death metal”, nothing really comes to mind right? Well that’s because until now there really hasn’t been any fabulous and outstanding bands with good albums to hail from Canada. But Hate Division’s brand new album “Order of the Enslaved” is now at the forefront of the Canadian death metal scene. When I was looking for an album to review today, I came across this album and saw that it was released today. Look at the name of the band and the album. Why wouldn’t have I as a death metal fan chose this one? … Continue reading Hate Division – Order of the Enslaved