Countless Skies – Solace (single)

 I remember hearing Countless Skies’ debut self-titled album and being absolutely blown the fuck away as this band was as melodic as melodic death metal gets. And I loved it! They only had 4 tracks to their name, but now they add their fifth, “Solace”, from their upcoming and currently unnamed full length album that is due later this year. When I saw that they released “Solace” (which was but hours ago at this time) I immediately went to go check out this song because I was extremely excited to see what else Countless Skies could come up with, and … Continue reading Countless Skies – Solace (single)

My Favorites of 2015 (so far)

What a great half year it’s been! It is now current July 2nd in the States and that means the first half of 2015 is done and gone. It’s as good as any time to recap and go over my favorite albums of the year out of all the great records that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Below is the list as you may have already noticed unless you’re blind. There are 20 albums in total if you want to know, and I am putting them in no particular order when it comes to how much I like them, … Continue reading My Favorites of 2015 (so far)

Countless Skies (self-titled)

 I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll say it again: I fucking love melodic death metal. It is by far my favorite kind of metal followed closely by groove and regular death. And if you’d ask me what my favorite melodic death metal bands out there today are before I heard Countless Skies I’d say Amon Amarth and Despite. But after hearing this beautiful album Countless Skies is definitely up there among my top 3 now. Their debut self-titled EP is just . . . it’s fucking amazing. I honestly cannot find the proper words to explain … Continue reading Countless Skies (self-titled)