Talpa – Happy

 In terms of how intense an alternative metal band can get, Talpa is one of those bands that is really pushing the boundaries. The only band of this genre that pushes more intensely off the top of my head is Disturbed, and Talpa is right on their tail with their solid EP “Happy”. What is really neat about this album is that the vocals are done by a woman which to me have a more natural ebb and flow to them for whatever reason and that really allows “Happy” to become very melodic. The guitars and bass have a great rhythm throughout … Continue reading Talpa – Happy

Magen – Thoughts in Greyscale

 Alternative metal really is just the music that radios prefer because it’s easier on people’s ears and is usually censored, and I don’t care enough to see if both of those quality for Magen’s debut EP simply because it’s good and that’s all that matters to me. “Thoughts in Greyscale” feature a female vocalist which is something atypical of metal music overall sadly, but Magen doesn’t let that stand in their way as they use the vocalist to her maximum potential as she creates an interesting flow that I feel like would be lacking a little if the vocalist was … Continue reading Magen – Thoughts in Greyscale

Disturbed – Immortalized

 I have been a fan of Disturbed for years, heard of all their albums, loved some, disliked one, and waited for this one. And now that “Immortalized” is now out in full I can happily say that this is without a doubt Disturbed’s most mature album to date. It is also the album that has the best guitars of any of their albums; that’s what really stood out to me. They had the same sound and feel as Disturbed, but the pacing and texture of them were fresh to my ears and while David Draiman’s voice still remains the same it has … Continue reading Disturbed – Immortalized

Plain (self-titled)

 Despite the band/album name making you have an idea of what the music will be like straight from the get-go, Plain’s self-titled debut album has a solid sound to it that many hard rock and metal fans can enjoy as I have. While I don’t think Plain brings anything totally new and mind blowing to the table, they do modify that feel we all know when we hear a good hard rock song/album but it’s different so that it’s not just that copy and paste music that is dreadfully overused today. This album has plenty of riffs to through at … Continue reading Plain (self-titled)

Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep

 I’m going to try so much and not say the words “Linkin Park” in this because this album reviewed me so goddamn much of them. “The Mindsweep” isn’t exactly your typical metal band if your going for heaviness. Now if you know who Enter Shikari is then you know exactly what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t then you probably saw “Linkin Park” (I failed you, I’m not sorry) and either thought “Oh fuck”, “oh yes!”, or just simply “oh”. Well in my case since I was going in relatively blind about this band so it was just “oh”. … Continue reading Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep

Silent Divide – Master of Disguise

 It’s honestly rare for me to come across a debut of any sorts, listen to it, and then give it two thumbs up. But Silent’s Divide’s hard rock/alternative metal debut EP “Master of Disguise” has managed to do that! This band is also fronted by a woman who has an amazing voice and just uses it to their advantage by creating a smooth rhythm and awesome soothing sound that go surprisingly great with the guitars that are very melodic and catchy. And if that doesn’t do it for you then the bass has a killer beat to it that creates … Continue reading Silent Divide – Master of Disguise