Burden of Ymir – Heorot

Not enough do I find myself within the ancient and prolific reaches where black and folk metal intersect purely because it is one of those sounds that I find myself frustratingly picky with despite my best efforts to do otherwise. When I do manage to come across a work that does catch my attention, however, I cannot help but fall helplessly and fully into the creation at hand. Such works tickle my fancy and capture my imagination like incredibly few other styles out there with the possibilities seemingly endless no matter who comes around, and few are able to really capitalize on what the sound is really capable of. Despite only being around for about four years, Burden of Ymir has quickly risen the ranks to become an act that demands your attention with this newest effort certainly something that deserves to be considered the act’s best yet.

Five full-length albums in four years is enough to drain the creative drive and motivation of many, but the metal underground has long been blessed with select souls who never seem to know what it means to slow down with their material defying the odds to become efforts that know how to bring us in and keep us in place without question. Clearly, Burden of Ymir has proven itself to be such an exception with “Heorot” being the follow-up to last year’s “From Élivágar” that came out not even twelve months before this record, but it is every conceivable way that Burden of Ymir sought to raise the bar with all that this record is right from the beginning. Already having a clear understanding of what it means to invoke the old Norse aspects of this sound, both halves of this sound come together masterfully in such a well-done and dynamic way that “Heorot” effortlessly encapsulates the scathing parts of its black metal tendencies while it’s in the themes and instrumentations that the folk metal parts come to life in an exquisite form! Just as hard-hitting as it is an exceedingly fun album to fall into without ever once losing that serious approach, Burden of Ymir has truly made a concoction that strikes on virtually every possible note for this style seemingly without breaking a sweat.

There are many acts out there that are worthy of being considered need-to-know excellence throughout much of what this cross-section of styles has to offer and Burden of Ymir has more than earned its place amongst the most revered of such talented performers as every inch of this record alone is more than enough for admission. No matter the angle you approach “Heorot”, I can virtually guarantee you that this is a banger of a performance that many of its contemporaries have not been able to craft any equal to in recent months with the prospect of topping this momentous release quite intimidating.

LISTEN to “Heorot” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Burden of Ymir on Facebook here.


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