Decemberance – Implosions

Recently, it feels like I haven’t been able to escape the gripping power of the Greek metal scene no matter where I may go or for how long I might venture anywhere else in the world. It’s far from a bad thing in my opinion as Greece has long held one of the most interesting scenes in all of Europe in my eyes with there being throngs of influential and landmark names that have always kept things fresh and interesting in no small way, and that is still very much the case to this day. Having gotten their start twenty-five years ago, Decemberance is a name that is not nearly as widespread throughout the world of death-doom as it should be, but releasing an album maybe once per decade thus far doesn’t exactly help your reach even if it makes such a find all the more wondrous for those who stumble upon the act. After six years of quiet hibernation, it is time yet again for Decemberance to rise and remind us of their terrible power.

There’s nothing quite like some proper death-doom. When it’s done right, it can be some of the most evocative and undeniably powerful extreme metal out there with extremely few other sounds able to come even close to matching such essence. As heavy as it can be heart-wrenching, any band to achieve such excellence becomes a force not to be trifled with. If that’s the case with the uncommon act, then what do we consider Decemberance after experiencing what they’ve put forth in the three tracks of “Implosions”? Otherworldly is a good fit, I feel. Just to look at the 71-minute runtime of “Implosions” is to already feel the weight of what has been summoned forth in order to bring this record to life with its execution and its themes nothing short of precisely what many would and should consider god-tier in the realm of all things death-doom. Absolutely overflowing with immense power that is downright monolithic with more than enough diversity to always keep your attention despite the opener going over 24 minutes in length while the closer dares to climb to over a 37-minute time that is just truly bewildering to think about and astonishing to witness in every possible form. None of that is even taking into consideration the haunting, tear-jerker that is the middle track of “The Blue Thread” which, without even saying a single word, manages to cut deeper with an outstandingly gorgeous performance of both piano and cello that doesn’t just compliment the death-doom it’s surrounded by, but truly drive home the sorrowful and titanic themes that “Implosions” constantly deals with in no less than immaculate fashion. All brought together, this album is one that any fan of death-doom should not easily pass by in any form whatsoever. It does far more than keep you listening and interested with every turn having some new magnificent sight for us to behold all while the overwhelming presence of Decemberance has a very hold on your spirit so long as its drawn-out notes pluck the very chords of your mind, heart, and soul.

This is what it means to achieve virtual perfection in your craft. If hibernating for years on end and only coming around many years after your latest release to stun on a level like what has been achieved here, then I don’t see how such an outcome isn’t extremely worth it by all accounts. Decemberance hasn’t just shattered my expectations, they’ve raised the bar in damn near every category and has thrown down what has got to be considered one of the very best when we’re to think of death-doom in 2o23. Should “Implosions” not become widely hailed as a ferocious masterwork that becomes known throughout the modern scene as we know it, then truly there is no hope.

LISTEN to “Implosions” on Bandcamp here.

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