Montagne – Poudreuse

For as long as I’ve been doing these reviews, I’ve never once failed to be fascinated to watch a band’s path forward with their sound changing as they press onward in their own personal journeys. When I first came upon Montagne five years ago with their debut, “Spring Birds”, I was pleasantly surprised by their work of hardcore that seemed promising with the follow-up that was “Black Waterfall” blowing any expectations that I had right out of the water in every possible form. Now, three years later, it was certainly due time for them to return with another effort that was sure to either cement the sound that was laid forth in that 2020 work or forge new territory once again. Somehow, “Poudreuse” accomplishes both.

Immediately, this is one of the select bands that I would dare to attach the word “underrated” to and mean it completely without a shred of compromise or questioning. Montagne’s journey has already been a sight to behold for the few that have actually witnessed it from the beginning, and it is with all that has been delivered in their third effort that this French act should be incredibly pleased with what they brought to the table. An, unfortunately, shorter creation than its predecessor, “Poudreuse” lacks not even an iota when it comes to its power and evocative nature. Pulling from their past experiences while still sounding very much like themselves but more mature right from the get-go, Montagne succeeds where many other hardcore acts of this vein fail as it’s not just a collection of songs trying to be thematically deep only to sound clunky and unfulfilling. Rather, “Poudreuse” stands tall as an effort of clear catharsis through its own suffering to truly grab the listener by the throat and never once loosen its mighty grip. A magnificent statement that pushes the band forward without every once compromising the very core of its being as its ideals are as prevalent as ever, Montagne should be nothing but proud about what they’ve delivered in this EP.

As much as I would’ve liked another offering that was as long as its predecessor, I cannot deny the simple truth that is the quality that “Poudreuse” brings to the table right from the very beginning. The progress of Montagne has been undeniable ever since they set foot upon the scene, and it’s now more apparent than ever to me that this act is destined to achieve truly great things in their scene should they simply stay the course.

LISTEN to “Poudreuse” on Bandcamp here.

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