Dozer – Drifting in the Endless Void

Even as we find ourselves before legions upon legions of fresh and new talent that are constantly giving us something to look forward to as they keep the underground alive and breathing in every aspect, there is nothing that can compare to the classic acts that not only walked so we could run, they still deliver to this day. While we find that older names fade away for one reason or another due to the tribulations of time, some names manage to return to us despite what the past may have dished out with the future ripe for their retaking. When Dozer got back together, I don’t think I have to be the one to say that lips were smacking in glee over that event the world over. However, it’s been fifteen long years since we last had a full-length creation from Dozer, but now, as if born out of a long-forgotten prophecy, the originators of the European stoner scene as we know it has brought us new material that more than holds up to their wildly high standards.

There really isn’t a point in talking about where Dozer has been up to this time in immense detail given their story is something that is still driving the stoner scene to greater heights to this day given the widespread influence that they brought to the table in the five albums that they delivered in stupendous, masterful fashion from 2000’s “In the Tail of a Comet” to 2008’s “Beyond Colossal”. I think it would be safe to say that many of us didn’t think it would be eleven years after their return that we would finally get a proper full-length from the legends, but if that’s what it took in order to bring “Drifting in the Endless Void” to life then I’d say eleven years was a small price to pay. Hands down, much like the return of Lowrider three years ago, Dozer has put forth a proper comeback that not only is able to stand toe-to-toe with everything they delivered in that eight-year streak of utter domination, this has the potential to become far more than an effortless album of the year contender. This is a landmark release by all intentions with the only simple reason it’s not surprising is purely because it was crafted by Dozer. Dozer, who has never once dropped the ball. Dozer, who virtually single-handedly helped spawn the throngs of stoner acts far beyond the borders of Europe. A euphoric journey that is a perfection of the monolithic power and potential of the riff while never once allowing that classic vibe to fade from their ethereal tones and supreme crunch, “Drifting the Endless Void” is a masterwork that proves one thing above all else: time means nothing against the tenacity and talent of a phenomenon like Dozer!

A review for an effort like this almost feels pointless, in my opinion. Dozer has reached virtually mythical status in the world of all things stoner for all that they accomplish in that classic run with this release all but destined for undeniable greatness in every regard, but it lies up to reviews like this to spread the word as far as possible as much as we can. The word being that Dozer has truly returned in exemplary form with no holds barred and not a single disappointment in so much as one stroke of the fingers across the strings with the very entirety of “Drifting in the Endless Void” downright tear-jerking for its sights, its glory, and all that it signifies. This is what it means to find yourself before true modern masters bringing forth an undeniable masterpiece, and its intoxication is not likely to wear off for decades to come much likes its venerated predecessors.

“Drifting in the Endless Void” releases on April 21st via Blues Funeral Recordings!

LISTEN to the single, “Ex-Human, Now Beast”, on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dozer on Facebook here.


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