The Giant’s Fall – s/t

For the most part, whenever instrumental rock comes around it tends to be from the realm of deep, dense psychedelia. Now, I have no complaints with that as the style still proves to be amazingly bountiful no matter how often I dip my toes in those waters, but there are, of course, other pools and wells of potential to be explored should a band simply come along to take the dive. Even a slight deviation can be enough for any take to feel wondrously fresh in even the most average hands, but it was as I found myself drifting before the presence of The Giant’s Fall and its debut album, it became exceedingly clear to be that the hands of this creation are anything but average.

While the influences of the sound of The Giant’s Fall to me seem clear from the vast realms of rock and its instrumental reaches, there is far more happening within the depths of this eponymous debut album that I think many might not expect from a name that’s newer to the scene. By all means, a name that many aren’t aware of, The Giant’s Fall makes up for that in unmistakable potential with the five tracks brought forth here laying down a foundation for The Giant’s Fall that is as interesting as it is engrossing. A slow and lumbering sound that still manages to pack a lot of flavor within its riffs and mild psychedelia, this is a debut of the sort that keeps the listener all but rooted in place while the grooves and rhythms of each track take you along the story of ancient mythological Greek giant, Talos, and his slow fall into the realm of Hades. Quickly, the wordless story-telling of the album captures the listener’s imagination and keeps them more than intrigued for the whole of the ride as The Giant’s Fall is able to paint an engaging picture before the mind’s eye that effortlessly shifts and conforms to the will of the band itself as we’re treated to sights equally grand and somber as we’re privy to Talos’s tragic decline from one of the greatest of the bronze constructs of the ancient world with The Giant’s Fall all but the perfect story-teller for a vision that constantly rewards and much as it satisfies.

By all accounts, a clear and undeniable foundation has been carefully laid down here with there being more than enough room for improvement given this is but the debut creation from The Giant’s Fall, but it’s out of the gate that it must be known that this is not a name to be ignored for any reason. A sublime mix of what many in this particular vein of music tend to gravitate towards on a daily basis, there’s more than enough talent and passion behind The Giant’s Fall to make any future project more than worthy of investigation with this debut creation one that I will certainly be returning to for some time to come.

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