I, of the Trees and Wind – Cry of the Forest

Taking into consideration all that has been dished out in the vast reaches of atmospheric black metal over the years, it’s not hard to think that there isn’t much new ground or interest in given how oversaturated the style has become in more ways than one. There are many different roads that the sound can travel down from one band varying wildly from the next despite never leaving the same sonic territory. For many, it’s the harmony and destruction of nature that stands as an immense inspiration for decades now with many trying their hand at bringing justice to the concept. For its debut album, the duo of I, of the Trees and Forest makes for a far more interesting performance than what many might expect.

Taking on both themes of nature and atmospheric black metal itself is far from a grand task anymore given how explored many of the sound’s veins have become over the years such that it’s to the point that many would feel the sound is in a stale form. However, much like any sound, some new blood with fresh passion can be all that it takes to make for an interesting performance. In the case of I, of the Trees and Wind with what they brought to the table with “Cry of the Forest”, it’s not hard to claim that no new ground is broken whatsoever amongst these four tracks, but it’s in every one of these 37 minutes but the very spirit and execution of the record cannot be dismissed. There’s a constant and consistent warmth that is to be found throughout “Cry of the Forest” thanks to its tremendous use of synth tones that add a tremendous ethereal level of magic to the mix such that you really get the feeling throughout the whole of this record that you’re in a place untouched by the hand of humankind where life springs forth unbound, the cacophony throughout the trees is all there is to hear, and even the air seems to have a green tinge to it. I, of the Trees and Wind walks the same path that many before it have with a somewhat lo-fi approach to atmospheric black metal where it can often feel like the atmosphere takes precedence more than the black metal itself does, yet I cannot find myself in any way able to deny the majesty that was summoned to bring this debut to life.

A beautifully captivating creation that still knows how to really cut the soul with precise black metal, to find yourself under the canopy of “Cry of the Forest” is to lose yourself in a realm that many try to traverse themselves with few able to accomplish what the likes of I, of the Tree and Wind have here. If this is but the first of what this name is able to conjure from the dense undergrowth then I can only fathom what will come about should I, of the Trees and Wind simply stay the course to travel only deeper into the heart of that unspoiled wilderness.

LISTEN to “Cry of the Forest” on Bandcamp here.

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