Stöner – Boogie to Baja

It hasn’t already been two years since the band’s first offering, and the very name of Stöner has yet to lose even one iota of its luster. Consisting of living legends that have always had more than their own fair share of stoner and psychedelic intrigue to throw around, it’s not a stretch to say that Stöner has been an exciting name to keep track of since its inception. Here, I thought it would be at least until later this year before we would hear more from the act, but much like their contemporaries in Big Scenic Nowhere, Stöner won’t be satisfied until their name is spread throughout the whole of the stoner world and beyond with this new EP just another testament to the band’s glory.

Personally, I’m still reeling from the release of “totally…” not even a year ago with it effortlessly being one of my favorite albums from last year, and it would take a hell of a lot to top that. However, given the talent and know-how of all things stoner music with who we’re dealing with here, that’s not exactly a stretch of the imagination, is it? This time around, however, Stöner offers us a morsel of an EP in comparison to its predecessors, but in no way does that mean “Boogie to Baja” is lacking in any regard when it comes to its flavors and its groove. A continuation of the sound that Stöner has been performing wondrously since well before day one, the five tracks given to us here quickly establish themselves as far more than just B-sides from “totally…” with all of theme having their own distinct flavor even as we find an alternate take on a song from last year. Also featuring more lengthy trips through smoke in the desert with just two of these tracks clocking over 17 minute when brought together, “Boogie to Baja” is a piece that offers a wide spread of flavors and approach the likes of which feels like a terrific summary of what Stöner brings to the table. Undeniably groovy from the beginning and best experienced with toke in hand, is there any way that we could deny what’s been done here? The status quo has not just been maintained; Stöner continues its offensive for the throne of modern stoner royality.

If it were almost any other band, I would say what a pleasant surprise this EP is, but given Stöner itself I cannot help but feel as though this is par for the course in virtually every aspect. That doesn’t mean “Boogie to Baja” isn’t a delectable treat for fans of the style and the band in more ways than one with each listen offering a fresh flavor and vision through the haze that the previous did not, and it’s sure to only be better with the passage of time as we continue with Stöner the sacred tradition of passing to the left.

“Boogie to Baja” releases on February 24th via Heavy Psych Sounds!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Boogie to Baja” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Stöner on Facebook here.


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