Tumulation – Savage Blood Domain

Once in a while, we’re dealt a card that none of us could have seen coming. Alone, that is already more than enough to catch the attention of many the world over with such an event able to really sway the masses if delivered properly. When combined with a whole hand of surprises out of an unpredictable deck, truly anything is possible. This new year is already having more than enough to look forward to in the world of death metal with plenty of acts bringing forth material that we simply cannot deny for all that they manage to bring forth. Conjureth is one whose forthcoming album I figured would be all that we would hear from the quartet with the new record a tremendous victory right from the get-go, but this group of musicians is anything but satisfied with Conjureth alone.

It’s no big thing in any way for musicians to become part of other bands in order to let loose some more creative energies, explore a different instrument, or simply try something different altogether. It would be one thing if the new act of Tumulation had one or even a few names behind Conjureth to form its line-up, but both names share the same entire line-up with the positions swapped all the way around. Such a simple idea, but Tumulation executes it to perfection with it resulting in a devastating creation of death-doom that has as much right to be mentioned in the same breath as Conjureth in its terms of power, potential, and quality the likes of which people lose their minds over. With but four tracks in their debut, “Savage Blood Domain”, Tumulation instantly makes its monolithic presence known. This is death-doom the likes of which is absolutely suffocating to the extreme where truly no one can escape once they find themselves within the halls that morph to the very will of Tumulation in the blink of an eye. Uncompromising in its heaviness, surprising with its riffage, and undeniable in its potential, what could’ve been nothing more than an uninteresting shake-up going from one band to the next, Tumulation has quickly made itself known as a presence that demands to be known. If this is what’s possible in just four tracks on a demo, then imagine what can be done when Tumulation moves on past “Savage Blood Domain” to really spread their legs, flex their muscles, and throw their weight around for a performance that very well already earns to be considered highly anticipated by any and all who find themselves before Tumulation.

A demo from the likes of a promising band is something that we’re lucky to find if we look in the right places, but to come across something like this really does feel like finding buried treasure in every form. Every release from Tumulation could be a demo and it would be damn near perfect for the vibe and sensations that go along with the very flavors that Tumulation brings forth with their power and supreme devastation but the tip of the spear for what this band is able to bring to the table. “Savage Blood Domain” is hopefully but the first onslaught of many from the likes of Tumulation, and I can only implore you to be with me amongst the first to feel the wrath of such a movement whenever it comes around.

LISTEN to “Savage Blood Domain” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Tumulation on Facebook here.


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