Blackwülf – Thieves & Liars

In the search for glory in the modern climate of rock, it can be easy for bands to find themselves unnecessarily reaching for greater heights in order to create these massive works that do their best to stand out from the crowd. There is nothing wrong with trying to accomplish such a feat, but oftentimes the simplest path forward is the one destined for success and glory. Sometimes, all it takes is a group of friends jamming together with some simple rhythms and a rock-and-roll attitude that can be more potent than those that try to transcend the sound. In the case of Blackwülf, it’s been clear for years now they’re masters of keeping it simple yet amazingly effective with their latest offering another testament to such.

It can be argued what the “ultimate dream” in the world of rock is, but I think many of us can come to the agreement that there is nothing quite like a thick piece of the style that feels like you’re flying through the clouds while you’re driving with the windows down and the volume as loud as you can crank it. Nothing can come to such greatness even when it comes in its most basic form, and it’s with “Thieves & Liars” that we’re able to see just how far Blackwülf has come after over a run of ten years as well as a pandemic-caused pause. It’s at every moment in these nine tracks that Blackwülf has no problem whatsoever with throwing their weight around to deliver a performance that really shows us how heavy-hitting, ripping rock of this breed can be brought to life in an exquisite fashion that feels as fresh and as invigorating as when we were but children with there being a special flavor of raw authenticity that is constantly enabling this creation to become another wondrous victory for Blackwülf. There have been plenty of acts over the years in our current digital age that have tried to bring forth such power and tenacity like what we’re able to witness all throughout “Thieves & Liars”, and I can’t help but feel like many will turn to this record as a template for success simply because of how sensational it is right from the get-go.

“Simple and effective” could very well be the motto for Blackwülf at this point in their career with every move that they make the logical answer for a damned good time in every regard as everything following one brilliant decision falls right into place without so much as a hiccup. Those who find themselves within “Thieves & Liars” shouldn’t be surprised by what they’re faced with given the very reputation of Blackwülf up to this point with the sky truly seeming to be the limit for the band.

“Thieves & Liars” releases on February 3rd via Ripple Music!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Thieves & Liars” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Blackwülf on Facebook here.

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