Clouds Taste Satanic – Tales of Demonic Possession

With each style there always comes a handful of names that become all but integral to the face of the sound itself as we know it. That’s as true as ever in the world of metal with every genre having faces new and old to boast, and it’s as we narrow the scope to more niche the bands become. When it comes to the relatively unexplored reached of instrumental doom metal, it has to be said that Clouds Taste Satanic stands as one of the most compelling acts of the sound at this moment with their reputation only getting better with time and their power growing at a similar, astonishing rate. For their seventh album in nine years, it stands to reason that Clouds Taste Satanic will remain the reigning kings for quite some time.

As bold and massive as they have been since the onset of their domination upon the world of doom, it would be callous of anybody to even dare claim that Clouds Taste Satanic has entered any sort of a downward slope upon this new creation. After a brief stint of covers that had more than enough merit of their own after putting forth two tremendous albums in 2019, it’s after a four-year wait that felt like an eternity of sorts that the titanic unit of Clouds Taste Satanic return to us in such a form that can’t be deemed as anything less than fittingly monolithic. For not only does “Tales of Demonic Possession” see this band continue down very much the same path that it has been carving through the scene for almost a decade now, but it still shows that the fire burns furiously hot for this quartet as listeners are still able to witness the act tread new sonic territory to make their long-form doom as captivating and organic as ever. This is the sort of material that is perfect for much of what the world of doom metal has long stood by with the trippiness, the heaviness, the riffage, and the absolute power that’s on display for the entire 59-minute runtime of “Tales of Demonic Possession” simply the beginnings of what this band has always been known for with this effort only further cementing what has been obvious for years. Few bands out there actually qualify for title of “powerhouse”, but when it comes to Clouds Taste Satanic with its magnificent legacy and unyielding offensive that has led to the creation of all the unmitigated mastery that’s to be had within “Tales of Demonic Possession”, how can any other word come to mind?

It’s always tempting to claim a new piece is the best yet or, at the very least, one of the best when a record of this kind comes from a name as revered as this. What we’re presented with here cannot be deemed as anything but Clouds Taste Satanic staying the course they’ve been pursuing for several years now with no deterring or slump in sight. In the end, “Tales of Demonic Possession” is a record that produces great satisfaction for all that it brings to the table and the mere continuation of what has to be considered as one of the most striking ongoing offensives by a single band in the whole of the doom metal underworld of today.

“Tales of Demonic Possession” releases on February 3rd via Majestic Mountain Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Tales of Demonic Possession” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Clouds Taste Satanic on Facebook here.


3 thoughts on “Clouds Taste Satanic – Tales of Demonic Possession

    1. Thank you so much for sticking around for so long, it’s really heart-warming! If you think this is a big release (it is), wait for the new efforts from Acid King and the new Stoner EP, it stands to be another undeniable year for everything in these styles!

      1. You’ve been a huge inspiration for getting my own site up and running. I should blame you for all the work I’m doing now, lol.

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