Altar of Gore – Infinite Visions of Violence

In the utter density of the death metal underground, excellence and intrigue could be laying in wait just around the corner with a big jagged and serrated knife waiting for you to stumble into its trapped yet you never do for one reason or another. Such finds are what have always made the underground such a fascinating place as you never know what you’ll find where or when. Bands like Altar of Gore have long been subject to that rule with many staying in the underground simply because they haven’t found even a somewhat wide-reaching audience to spread their sound even further despite their quality, but hopefully things are about to turn with this band given its growing repertoire of terror and gore-drenched instruments.

One could make the argument that bands like Altar of Gore absolutely litter the underground with its old-school approach to death metal that refuses to ever bring anything new to the table and sounds much like what many others try to deliver in their own performances, and, thus, don’t warrant attention of any significant sort. I viciously degree with such a sentiment. I’ve always loved a boundary-pushing effort but there is always something to be said about those who deliver material and do it with a deadly level of effectiveness on all accounts, and Altar of Gore more than qualifies as an act that knows its death metal and does it without so much as breaking a damned sweat. This is voracious death metal the likes of which is still dripping in the slime and muck that one tends to garner from lying in wait in the very floor of the underground with few able to truly shed it off with even fewer taking it with them to make for immense, potent releases that offer much more than a few riffs. In this compilation that feature two previous demos from Altar of Gore, “Infinite Visions of Violence” is a piece that is not for those looking for any reprieve in their death metal for it’s not just a creation that seeks to check off the boxes for a decent creation of the style. Rather, Altar of Gore delivers something that cannot be considered as anything less than bloodthirsty at every possible turn. This is a true underground act that strives in obscurity and will always deny the faint licks of light from on high where its power will only diminish with time sure to be the only factor that will make this fiery concoction of unyielding death metal all the better.

You will find many who try to put forth something like throughout the underground, undoubtedly. But to find one that delivers on every front and leaves an impact that is no less than undeniable to find yourself before an utter beast that cannot be ignored whatsoever. It would be a gross understatement to say that Altar of Gore manages that and so much more with “Infinite Visions of Violence”, and I truly hope it’s not long before we’re granted another demented vision in this act’s old-school, homicidal death metal.

LISTEN to “Infinite Visions of Violence” on Bandcamp here.

Altar of Gore does not have any sort of social media presence that I could find, so please follow Altar of Gore on Bandcamp here to stay up-to-date on the band’s future activities.

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