Kohnerah – Ominous Ubiquitous

They say that great minds think alike, and that is a rule that definitely applies in the world of metal especially when the right pieces are moved into place and the right people meet each other. When it occurs, we can be treated to an absolutely magnificent display of talent and musicianship the likes of which we are ever so slowly seeing more often as the years go on and the various scenes become all the more prolific amongst its frontline musicians with death metal, in particular, a style that benefits from such scenarios constantly. Musicians from all over the world find themselves in new acts all the time as they’ve come across the right people and vibed just the right way to create new excellence for us to bask in with Kohnerah simply the latest of such to bring such a reality to us with a debut that is the definition of brutality in more ways than one.

Just a simple look at the past experience of this group should be enough to get you interested and even become tempted to use the term “supergroup” when considering what going into this debut. Talent that has already been established in other bands like Marasmus, Damned by the Pope, and Unmerciful is just the tip of the iceberg of what all goes into the seven tracks of “Ominous Ubiquitous” with the very entirety of this record the sort of vicious brutality that is all but destined to be a bold highlight in the resumes of all involved in this project. It’s one thing to deliver intensity that can be anticipated from the world of death metal, but it’s in just the first few seconds of “Ominous Ubiquitous” that it’s clear such a relatively mundane bar was not enough for the likes of Kohnerah who was set on going for the throat and devastating at every turn. To say they achieved that level of ferocity would be a fantastic understatement. Not a single moment of this debut was left to chance as Kohnerah uses all of its past experience and expertise in the world of death metal to deliver a performance that stands out even amongst the members’ previous efforts that ventured toward the furthest reaches of brutality in death metal, and one would be remiss to even think that “Ominous Ubiquitous” doesn’t deliver on all fronts with its vast offensives upon all of creation. Suffocating right from the beginning until your life is snuffed out by the final note of raw fury that can only be likened to that of a final snapping of vertebrae, Kohnerah’s debut is one that offers far more than a mere cock of the eyebrow.

Given what we have to work with when we take into consideration the people behind this act from the musicians to the late great Lewandowski still providing us with gorgeous, haunting paintings to the very production of the album being scrumptious, how could this record have been anything but textbook vicious in every possible way? Kohnerah is already a name that demands a spot on the vast map of death metal in the underground for what they’ve executed with “Ominous Ubitious” in all of its voracious splendor with this being a concoction of unbridled, raw energy paired with murderous intent that this vein of death metal was all but crafted for.

“Ominous Ubiquitous” releases on January 13th!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Ominous Ubiquitous” via YouTube here or below.

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