Tidal Wave – The Lord Knows

With all that has been building up in the world of metal when it comes to massive releases to start off 2023 with, it’s only fitting that the many different realms of rock would have their own glory to start out the year with. It was only a matter of time and anybody’s guess as to who would be the group to take on the challenge and provide us with a potent album that would really give their respective sound the kickstart that it deserved at the start of a new year. From the haze that is the world of stoner rock, Tidal Wave rose to the challenge with an album that more than delivers such power and excellence that one could ask for in such a scenario.

In a way, there’s something alluring about an album that doesn’t really do anything to set itself apart from much of the contemporary rabble other than the band members simply being themselves, crafting a performance that they want to make. With the right touch and the correct approach, even the most mundane-sounding of albums can blossom into experiences that much be heard. If there’s any single word to describe what Tidal Wave has done with “The Lord Knows”, however, “mundane” couldn’t be any further from the reality of these eight tracks. A damn good time right from the get-go without so much as a minute passing without some form of gripping melodies or powerful riffage that keeps you rooted in place, “The Lord Knows” is just the sort of record that any fan of stoner rock should be able to fall into instantly as it not only delivers much of what one could come to expect from the sound but it’s done in a fashion that is no less than utterly compelling. This is the exact sort of creation that warrants the volume to be cranked up way high and the windows to be down all the way so you can feel the wind as the very energy of “The Lord Knows” courses through your soul with all that has ever made the world of stoner rock interesting in the first place. Tidal Wave knew precisely what they were going for with this album as you can feel the concise, focused passion at every moment of the album to the point that every moment is nigh on infectious to the touch with the very whole of “The Lord Knows” weaving its craft through your ears with such delicious flavors that it makes itself damn near irresistible for those who let it wash over them.

While some might make the argument that this album doesn’t do anything new for the style, I would then dare those naysayers to take one step inside this record and find themselves able to resist the magic, riffs, and passion that are in full swing for the utter entirety of this creation. What Tidal Wave has made here is nothing short of what many strive for whether it be in the form of stoner rock or not with every facet of “The Lord Knows” showing us that Tidal Wave is having the time of their lives at every step of the way here with that alone being more than enough to keep me glued to my seat with the volume cranked up to the maximum.

“The Lord Knows” releases on January 20th via Ripple Music!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “The Lord Knows” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Tidal Wave on Facebook here.


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