Parius – The Signal Heard Throughout Space

Every so often, something utterly special comes along. You never know when it’s going to happen, what form it is going to take, or just how potent it will be in its magnificence. While I find myself currently at the ass end of the year with my end-of-the-year lists staring back at me much like the never-ending abyss, I have to admit that there is one album that I’ve been sitting on for quite a while such that I can properly do it justice. Something that almost passed me by should I not remembered it randomly while at work, Parius is a name that I’ve been familiar with since their first album seven years ago, and it was in that split moment that I remembered they had put out a brand new effort just a week ago at the time. Finishing my shift, came home, applied the headphones, and I cannot express enough to you how much I wasn’t ready for the interstellar ride that Parius would take me on. Hands down, it is one of the most exquisite works that I’ve come across this year with every facet of “The Signal Heard Throughout Space” worthy of analyzing followed swiftly by adoration for all that is accomplished in stunning detail.

Even before the release of this album, Parius is a name that should carry more than a little respect for what they brought to the table in 2018’s “The Eldritch Realm” which really saw the band come into their own with their own undeniable identity that allowed them to stand out and become a highlight for many people’s year-end lists despite me being years late to that train. This time around, though, I couldn’t be any more thrilled to have caught the train right on time! This is one of those records that you feel proud to be a part of for it’s far more than a mere collection of tracks that a band has thrown together and tossed out into the world to see what it attracts. Rather, what Parius has brought forth here is a true work of passion, imagination, and undeniably massive talent that touches the very soul while gripping the ear with tremendous musicianship that keeps you coming back for another ride even after hours and hours of being lost in its depths. That’s just the very beginning of the journey that comes once you tune into “The Signal Heard Throughout Space” with far more wonders to be seen by those simply willing to float with Parius through the cosmos.

As one of those most progressive and fascinating creations that I’ve heard of in years, Parius already had the makings of a true spectacle before now. It’s clear with this creation, though, that they weren’t wasting anytime whatsoever as they’re already cashing in on that potential to really show us what they’re made of to the point that I’ve no choice but to proudly proclaim that, hands down, “The Signal Heard Throughout Space” is one of the absolute best albums this year as seen by a long shot! Just as fascinating for the senses as it is moving to the very soul, nothing was held back in the ten tracks put on display here as Parius crafts a dazzling performance that demands to be experienced in a single sitting as the very story and evocative nature of this album really grabs you by the throat, never once lets go, and hurls you across planets and through colorful space dust only to slow to a lazy drift through the void as the moving vocals of Parius wash over you while the instruments always perfectly compliment each other no matter the setting. At every given opportunity, “The Signal Heard Throughout Space” is a sensational listen that fires on all cylinders to deliver a performance that can only be seen as staggering in every category as Parius not only crafts an experience that is ultimately defining for them and their sound, but a landmark in the world of progressive rock and metal in recent times with these ten tracks one glorious highlight of undeniable glory after another.

It’s never been any doubt in my mind that Parius has the quality and power to really deliver a performance worth listening to since their debut, but the exponential rise of their power and the tenacity they have to bring it to the table in peak form is of the sort that moves hearts, minds, and souls. A true work of passion that is nigh on compelling from that first listen, “The Signal Heard Throughout Space” is mandatory listen for anyone who wants to go on a journey the likes of which we’re lucky to get a handful of times in a year. Parius has defied any and all expectations that we may have had before the release of this magnum opus with all that was accomplished in this record ensuring that the future is their’s for the taking.

LISTEN to “The Signal Heard Throughout Space” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Parius on Facebook here.


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